Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


24. Drive and Chinese sines

No one's pov



It haven't been 24 hours since last nights events and her brother was already here with the flashdrive that his sister told him to deliver. Knocking on the door the boy took a step back and waited till someone opens the door. When the door creaked open, he smiled at the women who lived here. ''Is he home?'' he asked and the lady nodded, letting him inside.


Hurrying up the stairs he soon faced the white, wooden door. Not bothering to knock he slowly opend it, the guy he's been best friends for really long time came in his view. ''Hey.'' He spoked up, catching his best friends look. ''I need to give something to you.'' He pulled out the black flashdrive from his pocket and handed it to the 20-year-old.


''What's that?'' His best friend asked, eyeing the flashdrive. 


''It's flashdrive.'' He pointed out the obvios.


''I know.'' His blond-brown locks dancing ontop of his head as he nodded. ''I mean - What's on it?''


''Take it and see for your self.'' He handed the flashdrive and as he came he was gone. It was like he was sudenly a ghost that no one saw, but felt. Like your gardian angel that looked after you. His hazel eyes trailed over the flashdrive one more time befor he stood up and walked over to his laptop.


He was feeling nervous because he didn't know what could be on it. Pluging the flashdrive in his laptop he opend the only file on it and it was a video with the title 我愛你. He clicked open and waited till it loads. When it did he was shoked by who he saw.


The melodie of the song and her beautiful voice filled his room. He kept watching as the the songs changed, but his faceshal expresion didn't. Soon it came to the part where she'll stop singing and just talk.


''Hey guys.'' She spoked, turning a little in the direction where the camera was. ''You don't actuality know why I did the concer sooner, do you?'' She asked and you could hear how the crowed yelld No all together. ''Well then let me tell you.''


She sat down on the stool that was on the stage. ''I bet that most of you guys read what news sites, like Popcrush, E! News, Us Weekly and others write, rigth?'' Yess ''Well than you probably know what they have written about me, right?'' Yes


''So um I just wanted to come clean. I mean you're my fans and you should know the truth. Um, yeah, this is being recored by my crew.'' She took a deep breath, closing her eyes. 


''They're actually right, but I and Cody didn't break up because of that. We broke up because well we didn't feel the conection anymore and what's the use in dating than, right?'' She pused, once again ''And when I went home, yeah, honestly guys I never stopped loving him.'' His heart beat quicken at the words she spoked. She loved me, he thought and smiled.


''I and Cody don't have any hard feelings for each other. We just dicated that it'll be better if we stay friends. And what's for the ''Mistery Guy'' and all the lovely-dovly. I don't know where that came from. And it really shocked me when I heard my own phone call and... it really hurt me. 


Like people would secretly go in your privet life, just to earn money. Honestly there's better way how to earn money, just get a job. But, yeah, anyways um all I'm saying here is that that Mistery Guy is my ex and I'm still in love with him.


And from what my brother told me, he still loves me. Of course I'm gonna spend time with him, not just because of that, but because he's my friend too.'' There wasn't anyother noise, the only thing was heard as she talked.


''You can hate me as much as you want, but this is the honest truth and I just wanted you to know form me not from some creeps that follow me around.'' She looked down at the floor and than back up ''And the songs... I just sanged them because well they fit in.'' Standing up she took one last look at the crowed and than walked away.


And with that the video ended, leaving black screan. The boy blinked once, twice and trice, when it all sinked in. She loved him!, she really did. Not bothering to turn off the laptop he grabed his car keys and ran downstairs and out of the house.


Few minutes later arivving at the house where his best friend lived. Running up to the front porch he ranged the door bell, not long after the door opend. ''Where is she?'' He asked his best friend.


''So you saw the video?'' he nodded, eager to see her and kiss her beautiful lips. ''And she's in LA. She's not coming home till Christmas.'' 



But at the same time in Los Angeles, California...



''Do you think he saw it?'' The girl who did something, that no popstar have done asked her to best friends.


''I'm sure he did.'' One of them resured her ''And like you said, Ryan will take it to him as soon as he gets it and like he got it hours ago, he probably has seen it.''


''Yeah.'' Her other best friend agreed, but still she couldn't stop worrying, because honestly she didn't know anyother way how to put her feelings out there. ''How about you call Ryan?''


''I don't know.'' She looked down at her shoes. ''Maybe one of you should do it.''


The girl with drak brown hair nodded and took her best friends phone, going through her contacs she found the one she need. Pressing call she put it on loud speaker, so everyone in the room could here. It ranged three times when he answerd. ''Hello?''


''Hey Ryan.'' The same girl who called spoked ''Tiffany, here just wanted to know about the flashdrive.''


''He saw it.'' There was slight pause befor he spoked up again ''After he saw it, he came by and asked where were you. And when I said that you're in LA and only coming home for Christmas he seemed upsat.''


The two girls looked at the girl who was behind all this, just to see her reaction. ''I'm coming home.'' Was all she said and she was the one who ended the call. ''I'm going home.'' She repeated looking at her friends.






The plane was ready to land soon, the girl who was so happy to be back, even if it's for day or two, but seeing the one she truly loved, got her hyped. Soon enough the captain annouced that they'll be landing. Thus sending her on another level of happiness.


Once the plane have lended, she made sure she was the first one off. Dashing in the airport, she baisecly ran to get her bag, and douching every human in her way she looked around to spot the boy she came here for. She knew for a fact that he'll get on plane and fly to meet her.


Spoting light brown head of hair, a smile found it's wait on her face. ''Justin.'' Hearing his name, the boy turned around and he faced the girl whom he loves ever so much.


''Tiffany.'' He breathed her name, leting sinck in that she was right infront of him. Few feet just between them. Opening his arms, Tiffany didn't wait long before she ran over to him and wrapped her own arms around his torso.


''I love you so damn much.'' 


''I love you too.''


For some this might seem like really cheesy moment, but for them it was just perfect. Knowing that they got each other back, was more than amazing. Minutes passed by and they kapt on hugging, in the middle of the air port.


Every second that flu by was more amazing for both of the kids than the presants they got under their Chrismas tree's when they were little. Pulling away, they looked in other's eyes. ''I'm not letting you go.'' Justin spoked, his minty breath fanning againts her lips. ''I promise.''






''Finally.'' Ryan cheard as he fist-pumed the air. ''I though you'll never get back together.''


Tiffany smiled and snaked her arms around Justin's neck smiled. ''Me neather.'' She admited, the butterflies in her stomoch whirling around.


''But now we are.'' Justin spoked next, never taking his eyes off of his girlfriend. ''And I need to show you something, but that's for tomorrow.'' Ryan's smile growe even bigger -if that's posibble- as he countined eyeing the happy couple.


''You know what, I'm heading of to bed.'' He staited and got up from his seat on the small love seat. '''Night.''


''''Night'' His sister called out after him and for awhile she kept her haze on her brother figure, which was long gone. Turning back to Justin, she once again smiled. It was suprising how her cheeks haven't started to hurt.


Justin staited right back at her. Now having that shine that Tiffany have camed to love. ''We should get to sleep too. You have a long day ahead.''


''You meant we.'' Tiffany corrected her boyfriend. ''You're coming with me.''



❝we were loѕт ιn тнe мιddle lιĸe вoттleѕ ιn тнe ocean, вυт we ғoυnd one anoтнer lιĸe тнe anѕwer тo a qυeѕтιon❞


oh, and this → 我愛你 ← means I love you in Chinese

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