Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


16. Awkward - take 2

Justin's pov



Later that night, I was one my bed, Ryan's words still at the back of my mind. 


''Because she's on the breaking up line. She's sick of him. And after his cheating scandal, he became more over protective. You needed to see how annoyed she was before she for in the car.''  Was she really annoyed? ''And I really would like to see my little sister happy, and the only person who can make her happy is you.''


''The only person who can make her happy is you.''


''The only person is you.''


''Is you.''




Was I really the one who could make her happy? I mean, yeah, I remember that smile she had went we went to see Selena Gomez, but did I really make her happy? Everyone can fake feelings, but did she fake her smile that day? Or even every day we spend together?


I snapped out of my thoughts when my phone ranged next to me, on the bed. Sitting up, I reached over to the side and picked it up. Pressing answer, I put it to to my ear. ''Hello?'' I asked, since I didn't look at the caller ID. I really should do that.


''Hey, Justin.'' Ryan's voice echoed through the speaker and background sound with it. ''What are you doing tomorrow?''


''Nothing.'' I simply answerd.


''Good, because me and Chaz are taking you out on dinner.''


''Ew, I'm not-''


''-gay.'' Ryan finished for me. ''We know, and you didn't need to take it that way. It'll be something like guys night.''


''What do you mean something?'' I asked as lyed back on the bed. My gaze on the snow white ceiling. I wonder why people always painted there ceiling white? There's so many other colors to chose from, than why white?!


''Justin you listening?'' Ryan's voice once again ranged in my ears. Have I zooned out and haven't hard what he said? ''Yes, you probably did, since you're questioning this.''


''Oh sorry.''


'''That's okey bro, but anyways I said something like it, because-'' And with that the line went dead. He fucking hunged up. Grouning I ran a hand through my hair and got up. Pulling off my pants and t-shirt I was only left in my boxers.


And yup, that's all I wear for bed. Getting under the covers, I turned off the light besides my bed and soon enough sleep was taking over me. But I still somehow was thinking why he said something like. Who else could come with us?


I mean, if Chris is in town and Chaz and Ryan told him to not tell me... nah. Who else? Tiffany couldn't be because well there's Nicki, that is if they kept in touch. 


Well of curse they did, they're best friends.


It didn't look like it when she and Holly last year celebrated New Year's together.


Maybe Nicki's parents didn't let her go.


Stopping to the dabate that was going in my head, I tryed to think of anyone else who could possably be at the ''dinner'' tomorrow. But soon my eyes started to close and than everything went back as I fell asleep.



Tiffany's pov



''Ryan why do I need to go?'' I whinned to my brother, who was a good feet infront of me. Last night when he got home, he bargded in my room and staited, well more as damented I go with him, Chaz and Justin and some ''dinner''. ''Can't I stay home?''


''No, you can't. And besides it wasn't my idea, it was Chaz's.'' Walking in the kitchen, I followed him. I wasn't going down without a war. I'll do anything so I can stay home and chill. 


''It'll be soooo awkward.'' Stating the obvios out here, I prayed that he let me off of the hook. And I won't be needed, but I was wrong.


''You can say and do whatever you want, but you're coming.'' Turning to me, he pointed his index finger in my direction. ''And you being ''sice'' won't get you out too.'' Uh, sometimes I really hated him.


''I hate you.'' I mumebld loud enouh, so he could here.


''Love ya too.'' He sanged as he walked out of the kitchen, thus leaving me alone. Thye knew that tonight will be awkward, and everything that has to do with me and Justin would be awkward. But noooo! they go ahead and plan fucking dinner. Like who does that?


Of course it's not like I don't want to spend time with Justin, I do, but it's just that things have gone really awkward between us. I really need to come up with something till six, so I don't need to go. And as an lithing went over my head, I had amazing idea.


Pulling out my phone, I searched for the one number I haven't used whole year. Once I found it, not waiting time I pressed call and waited till she picks up, if she picks up. But she did. ''Hello?'' Well she didn't sound anything like she useed to.


''Uh, is this Nicki?'' I asked  and pulled my phone slightly away from me, so I could check the number once again. Yup, that's hers.


''Who's this?'' She snapped over the phone. Well she became bitchy.


''It's me Tiffany.''


''What do you want?'' Here we go with the bitch attitude. ''What's wrong, your famous friends dropped your ass?''


''They didn't drop my ass.'' I answerd as calmy as I could. Belive me, I want to snap at her sooo bad, but I won't do that. ''I just wanted to see if you want to hang out like we use to.''


''News flash - I don't want to hand out with you.'' She paused, and just now I noticed that there were people talking in the background. She put it in loudspeaker. Ugh. ''And why would I hand out with you. Yeah, you're one of the famous people out there, but why should I?''


''We're best friends for crying out loud.''


''Were. Were best friends. That is as in past.'' I could just imagine her smirking, and the snickering from those people didn't do anything good too.


''Why are you acting like fucking bitch?'' Gasps wear heard from the other side, but I simply ignored them. ''I fucking didn't do anything bad! Okey I didn't call, but I didn't have time. I even rerly called Ryan. And just 'cause I did that, doesn't mean you can come at me like bitch.''


'I'm not a bitch.'' She shreeked. Before she could add some more, I spoked up again.


''No? Than why the fuck are you acting like one? Huh?'' I think that shut her up, because next thing I heard was the line going dead. Maybe I lost a friend at home, but I didn't lose one from New York or anyone else.






''When's the dinner?'' I asked as soon Ryan stepped in the kitchen. Half an hour ago he went out, to God knows where, and ever since that call, I over though this dinner shit. Maybe it won't be that bad.


''So you coming than?'' Ryan asked, raising one of his brows at me.


''If I didn't ask, I wouldn't be coming. And besides like you said, I don't have anyother choise.''


''True, true.'' He nodded his head, agreeing with him self or me, but I'm not questioning that. ''And the dinner's at seven. Chaz will be here in-'' looking at the microwave, with the digital clock instald in he turned back to me. ''-forty-five minutes.''


''What?'' I shreeked and bolted out of my seat that I was sitting in. ''Where the fuck were you faster? I need to get ready.''


''I woukd've told you what time we leave, but you were too buisy whinning.'' He called after me, as I ran out of the kitchen and up the steps. Skipping few steps here and there. Finally reaching my room, I dashed right in and closed the door.


Running through the room, I stopped once I reached the bathroom. Stripping off all clothes, I got in when the water was perfect. Washing my hair and body, after around 10 minutes I was done. Thus leaving me with thirty-five minutes.


''I can do this.'' I told my self as I walked back in my room and over to my closet. Pulling over the door, I quicly scaned all the dresses I had. Long; long; long; wait too short; ugly; summery;  just no; what the fuck?; ew; how even?; prom; club . . . perfect. 


Pulling the ''perfect'' dress off of the hanger I put it againts me and stood infront of the mirror. ''It'll look great.'' [

]. Slipping on some qlean underwaer I pulled the dress on, the zipper cusing slight problems. ''RYAN.''


Few moments later he came through the door. Since I was standing with my back turn to door, he didn't ask what I need. When he was done, he was gone as he came. And so I moved on to my make-up. Nothing much. Just some light blush, and everything else natural.


Slipping my feet in 7inch, black heels, I was ready to go. I looked my self over, once agian, and taking my sechul I walked out of my room. ''Ryan, I'm ready.'' I spoked loud enough, so he could here me.


Reaching the foyer, I didn't need to wait long before the doorbell went off. Walking over, I opend the door, to come face-to-face with Chaz and Justin. ''Well you cleaned up good, Chaz.'' I commented and smiled at the both guys.


''Thanks.'' He replayed and walked pass me. ''So where's Ryan?''


''Uh he's still getting ready.'' I turned to look at him and than back at Justin. ''You look handsome too.'' All he did was smile. Well than.


After that we went silent and I don't know how those two felt, but for me this was REALLY awkward. 


Now remind me - why did you agree?


Oh don't start, okey? And besides I didn't have chiose.



Justin's pov



I should had known that someone was Tiffany. I should have guessed that Ryan hungged up 'cause it was Tiffany he was talking about. But no, I went and denyed it. And now look where I am, I'm stucked on awkward possion.


And I don't know how I'll cope all this evening while she'll be sitting right there in that amazing dress. She looked really beatiful tonight. Ugh. This is so complicated. ''So...'' Chaz began, but it was no use. The tension was still here, and it wasn't going anywhere.


''So...'' Ryan repeated.


''How have you been Tiffany?'' Chaz spoked again, and all I wanted at this moment was to bury my self six feet underground.


''I've been good.'' She smiled. That smile. Her smile. ''Finally getting normal break.'' And after that the car grow silent once again, not long after Ryan pulled up at the resturant we were eating at.


Getting out of the car, I helped Tiffany to get out, since she was in hight heels and the Renge Rover was hight. ''Thanks.'' she whisperd, if that even counted as whisper, but I heard it anyways.


''Your welcome.'' I replayed, now all of us making our wait to the front door of the resturtant.


''I didn't know they had such fancy returant in Startford.'' Tiffany comment, right before brunett stood infornt of us.


''Good evening, I'm Macy.'' She smiled, but her smile didn't reach her eyes. And you could tell she was tired or annoyed or probably both.


Ryan just merly nodded. ''Tabel for Butler.''


She looked down at the guesst list and than back at our group of four. ''Tabel for four.'' She commented, not really needed. ''Right this way.'' Taking four manus she led the way to fancy looking four seat tabel.


As the gentleman I am, I pulled out the chair for Tiffany, this time she only smiled at me. This will be some night, that's for sure.

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