Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


1. Awards and Loneliness

"And the award for the best popsong goes to..." Miley Cyrus said in to the mic. Looking down at the paper she was holding in her hands, she leaned closer to the mic and: "...Tiffany Butler for Lovesick."


Standing up Cody kissed me and as soon as we pulled away, I quicly hugged Selena and Taylor befor going up to the stage. Making my way where Miley stood, I couldn't stop smiling. This was just so amazing.


Recieving my award, I turned to the crowd where other celebrities were seeted, along with normal -not famous- people. "I really want to thank my fans, who were there from day one. You made this one year amazing." That was it from my speach.


However, at home I had made it atleast five minutes long. Once again thanking, I walked back stage, where I was greated by other celebrities. The fact that I'm blessed is understanding. I never thought I could be here, getting my own award.


Reaching the seats where me, Cody, Selena and Taylor set I was pulled in tight hug. ''I'm so proud of you.'' Cody said as he kissed me. Sitting down I put my head on his sholder. Just last year I was starting all this and now I'm getting my own award. It's crazy.




''So where are you gusy going for the vacy?'' Selena asked. We are on our way home, the award show just enede. The way to the limo wasn't easy because paparazzie, thos little fuckers. ''Me and Chace are going to stay here in LA.'' Oh yeah, at the end Chace ended dating Selena and they make such a ciute couple.


''We're going to Austalia.'' I said and looked up at Cody and he nodded. The limo soon came to stop and I got out. I said qiuck bye and gave Cody a kiss. Shutting the door to limo, I made my way to my house.


Walking in I kicked of my black heels and walked up to my room. All I want now is to sleep.



Justin's pov



''HA!  I beat your fucking ass.'' Chaz yelld and threw the controler away. For the past hour or so we have been playing C.O.D and most of the time I was wining, but this time I lost. And like Chaz he needs to glow.


''Well who cares?'' I asked looking at him ''And besides I won all the other times. So in your face.'' And after I said that Ryan's phone ranged. He pulled it out and picked it up. Signaling us to be qiuet, we looked at him.


''Hello?'' he asked in the phone. ''Omg hey. Why haven't you called me?'' Who was he talking to? ''I'm good. But the question is are you?'' he paused because whoever was on the other side was telling him something ''So when are you coming to visit me? You promised, remember?''


''Who are you talking to?'' Chaz asked as he leaned closer to Ryan's phone. He turned to me and shrugged.


''Okey sure.'' he paused ''Yeah see ya.'' He eneded the call and turned to us. ''You guys want to know?''


As that question ranged out in the air it felt in silenc. If you'd drop a pin you could hear as it hits the ground. ''Yeah.'' I nodded.


He took sometime to answer, but he did it. ''It was Tiffany.'' At that I froze. 


''Oh'' was all I said befor I walked up to my room. I never knew that you can love someone even though you broke up long time ago. I still love her and I care for her, but she has moved on and away from me.


''You alright?'' someone asked from behind me, turning around I faced Ryan.


''Yeah.'' I said and turned back around where I staired at golden picture frame with my and Tiffany's picture. Even though we're not together in that picture I loved her than and now still do.


''I know you're lieing.'' he pointed out. Keeping my gaze locked on the frame infront of me I listend to whatever he needs to say to me. ''I know that you have feelings for her-''


''Yeah and? Should I scream it out? Because it won't help me.'' I turned back so I was facing him ''Should I cry? Because quite frankly it won't help. I tryed.''



Tiffany's pov


@tiffanybutler: once again i want to thank you about the award we won last nigth


I tweeted and put my phone down, next to me. It's been four hours since I called Ryan. I really miss him, along with Chaz and Justin. It's crazy how Ryan and Justin are 20, but Chaz is 19. It seems just like yesterday they were 15/16 that age.


I looked up at Mike who was working on the control panel while Selena recored another song. I really don't get it why I need to come with her.


Snaping a picture of her I posted it on instagram. again we're here. amaizing sounds #AnotherGreatSong and pressed post. I was about to take another picture, but my phone buzzed and Cody's name poped on the screan.


''Hey.'' I said as I answerd the call. Leaning my head agiants the back of the coutch I looked up at the black ceiling.


''Hey beautiful.'' My boyfriend's voice ranged from the other side of the line. ''I was wondering where are you.?''


''Oh. I'm in the studio with Sel, but we should be done soon. Why?'' I giggeld.


''I wanted to go have lunch.'' he simply answer and an idea poped in my mind.


''Hey, how about we take Selena and Chace with us?'' I asked, still looking at the ceiling. 


''Yeah.'' he agreed ''Call me when your done. Bye beautiful.'' Saying bye to him I ened the call and soon after Selena was standing infront of me. In the blink of an eye I was pulling her out of the studio.





We sat at McDonalds laughting and just having fun since me and Cody are going to Austalia in few days and when I get back to Staits I'm going to Canada for three or four weeks. We're like three musketeers.


''Remeber how Selena though she was alone and she made a complet fool out of her?'' Chace said and we all laughted, exept Selena.


''It isn't that funny.'' She scuffed. When we all calmed down Chace wraped his arm around Selena and kissed her cheek.


Looking down at the purple wristwatch, which Ryan got me on Christmas, my eyes almost poped out of there socets. ''Selena let's go. We're gonna be late.'' Turning to look at me, she gave me the what are you talking about? look. ''The interview with Ellen.''


''Shit.'' she said and stood up. Following after her I gave quick kiss to Cody and in no time we were out and in to the car, speading down the raod to the studio.


Once we pulled up at the studio we were greeted by fans and paparazzie. We got in safe and sound, on our way took some pictures of course, but like that we were okey.


When we were done and ready, we waited backstage till Ellen says our names and we need to go up.



Justin's pov



Going through all the channels I stoped at one when I spoted the face, which I'll recognize everywhere. Another interview.


''Welcome Tiffany Butler and Selena Gomez'' Ellen said as she and the two girls sat down. Turning to look at them she asked her first question: ''So how are you girls?''


''Fine.'' ''Great.'' the replyed.


''How are you doing in love?'' Here we go.


''I'm happy-'' Tiffany said and I shut the TV off. As how bad I miss her, I don't want to hear how she's doing with another guy. If only I haven't fucked up last year, that would be me who she's talking about.


Standing up from the coutch I diald Chaz's number and pressed call. It ranged for really long time, bedor he answerd: ''Hello?'' he asked in sleepy voice.


''Wanted to ask you if you wanted to play basketball, but your still sleeping.'' I chuckled. I need something to take my mind off of things.


''Oh shut up Bieber.'' he spat ''But I'd like to play basketball.'' We talked few more things and than said our bye's.






''Justin you loosing your touch.'' Chaz yelld from other side of the basketball court we were at. Aiming the ball in the direction  where the basket was I let it go. And like everyother time I missed. ''What happen?''


I sat down, putting my head in my hands I shook it. ''I don't know.'' I mumbeld.


''Is it because of Tiffany?'' he asked again. I could feel he was staring at me. Shifting in my seat I looked out at the blue sky, which was turning dark.


''It'll rain. We should get home.'' I said and stood up. Brushing my cloths of I made my way to the car and soon Chaz was walking by my side.


''You didn't answer.'' he said, referring to the question he asked few moments ago.


Sighing I stoped at my car. ''Yes.'' I looked at her. ''Since the phone call and when Ryan came up to my room and befor I called you I sawed her on TV and I just can't. It's eating me up. I don't know how to feel when she's dating another guy.''


''Everything will be okey. Don't worry about it.'' Chaz said as I pulled out of the parking lot. ''Maybe goodnight sleep will help you.'' Maybe he's right.


When have Chaz been rigth? a voice in my mind asked.




Tiffany's pov


Plopping down on the kind size bed I closed my eyes when the bed sinked a bit. Opening one of my eyes a smile crept on my face. ''Hey.'' He said and pasked my lips. ''How was the interview baby?''


''Good.'' I replyed and he layed down next to me. ''So how long are we gonna be in Austalia?'' I asked after sometime of silenc. The thing with me is I can't stand silenc. I need some kinda noise, whatever it is - music playing, people talking just noise.


''For two weeks. Why?'' he looked down at me and wraped of his arms around me, pulling me closer to him.


Resting my head on his chest I drawed circles on it. ''I just wanted to know, so know on what day I need to buy a ticket to Stratford.''


''Oh.'' he nodded ''Now sleep princess.'' he kissed the top of my head as I snuggeld closer to him and soon enought drift of in to peacfull sleep.



first chapter of BFS saquol. like?

plus I needed to write this chapter like three times bc my computer was being an ass and it crashed. but I still managed to get it done.

of course I won't update this for sometime [till I finish Hide & Seek]

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