Diana Rose *complete*

He saved her but he doesn't remember.


2. Waking up

I woke up suddenly, my eyes filled with tears. I took many deep breaths to calm myself down and  looked around me, waiting for my eyes to get used to the darkness of my bedroom.
It has been four years... I have been dreaming about that day for four years. And I am still as scared as before. Though I don't know who I bumped into on that night, I was thankful it happened. I remember waking up in a hospital room, alone. I had felt someone holding my hand but there was no one around me when I opened my eyes. No one came the day after. I don't know who my saviour was. I owe him so much.

I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. My entire body was shaking and I was covered with sweat. I prepared tea. As I was waiting for the water to boil, I lit up all the lamps and watched the clock. It was 2 am. I always wake up around 2 am; I don't know why.
I drank my tea slowly enjoying the silence in the flat. I looked around me at that familiar place. The place I have been living in for four years. They hadn't found me. Though I'm living with the permanent fear that the peaceful life I'm living would end on day or another, I am happier than ever. I live alone but I like it.

I stood up and went into my bedroom to go back to sleep. Comfortably curled up in my blanket, I closed my eyes ready to fall asleep.
But then, a loud noise echoed in the corridor of the building.

My heart started to beat faster as I heard people walking with a heavy step closer to my front door.




A.N : Sorry, it ain't a new chapter! I just noticed I forgot to correct a few things before publishing it... And I noticed a few mistakes as well... But here is a better version of chapter two ^^

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