Diana Rose *complete*

He saved her but he doesn't remember.


13. The truth

I sat on the couch beside Eleanor and looked down at my hands, trying to remember what I already told Liam about my past.

I took a deep breath and started speaking, "I told you we discovered one day we had a step-brother. Well, he lived with us afterwards; it was pretty awkward to live with someone you didn't know and that is supposed to be part of your family. He wasn't - and still isn't - a nice person; always talking sharply and badly to my father; he hated him. He became very close with my brother; they spent more and more time together and the more time was going by, the less my brother was talking to me. He started to become like him; as rude as him. My step-brother wasn't really mean toward me; we didn't talk very much to be honest, but I didn't care; I was a bit scared of him." I stopped a short while and no one talked; I could only hear them breath.

"A few years went by and things got worse then ever; both my brother and him were on drugs. My brother was doing anything for him; he idolized our step-brother. And then, four years ago, they committed irreparable. I went back home earlier that day; I shouldn't have. As I entered the house I saw them; they just had murdered our father. I ran away but they had seen me; I was a witness, therefore I was meant to be killed so this secret would be buried with me." I started to weep; unable to stop the tears. But I had to keep explaining Liam.

"On that night, they chased after me. And I would be dead if I hadn't been saved on that day; I don't know who my saviour is; he wasn't there when I woke up in an hospital room though I would have sworn there was someone beside me when I was sleeping. Then, I managed to stay hidden for four years but they found me again and now, here I am."

I saw Liam was about to talk but I carried on before he could talk, "But the worst is that once I will be dead, my step-brother is intending to kill my brother. He just don't want to see the truth; he kept staying by his side! And there is nothing I can do to save him; I can't save any of us!" I shouted before nestling my head in my hands. I felt so powerless.

"You are more clever than I thought you were, Diana. Yes, that's what I'm intending to do; I have been waiting for years and this day finally came." I turned around quickly and saw him standing in the doorframe; a devilish smile on his face.


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