Diana Rose *complete*

He saved her but he doesn't remember.


12. Morning

"Why did you call him?" I heard Eleanor's angry voice shout from the kitchen.
I opened my eyes and sat up on the bed. I just woken up hearing her speak with someone. I stoop up quietly and walked out of the room; I made my way toward the kitchen. I entered and saw her sitting in front of a man. And I already saw him; he seemed familiar.
She stood up at once when she saw me and walked toward me.
"How are you, Diana?" A wide smile appeared on her face. I answered her I was fine and I thanked her again.
She took my arm and made me sat down.
"I'll bake you something!" she exclaimed. I smiled at her as she started to put some ingredients in a bowl.
"How... How is Harry?" I stuttered to the man; I didn't see him long but I recognized he was the one who had rushed toward Harry when he noticed he was hurt.
"Much better!" he told me, smiling weakly.
I smiled back and Eleanor put a plate in front of me.
"Here it is!" I thanked her and started to eat; I didn't realize how hungry I was.
She sat back but no one talked.
I finished eating quickly and Eleanor told me I could take a shower and that she would give me some clothes. I nodded and thanked her all over again, making her laugh.

Thirty minutes later, I walked out of the bathroom, dressed.
I was walking toward the living-room when I heard the doorbell rang and Eleanor walking toward it.
I entered the hall as she opened the front door.

I froze and burst into tears. As I rushed toward the door, Eleanor pushed herself aside.
I rested my head against his chest, sobbing.
"I'm so sorry, Liam! I didn't mean anything I told you!" I cried, wetting his shirt.
"I lied; I need your help! I can't face it alone any more!"
He held me in his arm for a long while.
"Diana," he spoke and I looked up at him; sight blurred by tears. "you have to explain me what happened to you." I nodded; it was time for me to reveal him my past.
He took my hand in his and led me inside the flat to the living-room where Eleanor was sitting; a worried look on her face.

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