Diana Rose *complete*

He saved her but he doesn't remember.


14. Him

He walked slowly toward me; I could see how happy he was. I didn't move; I couldn't, all my limbs were paralyzed. But he wouldn't murder me in front of people, would he?
I saw Liam standing up and facing him; a determinate look on his face.
"Don't move closer. Don't approach her; you would regret it," he spat.
To my surprise, the other stopped. However, he started to chuckle; he ignored Liam and looked at me as he spoke,
"Look at that! Poor Diana found herself a bodyguard! How touching!"
Liam clenched his fists, making him laugh even more. Then, he put his hand on Liam's shoulder.
"You don't seem to be a mean guy; don't get involved in all this. I don't like killing innocent people."
"Diana is innocent but you have no remorse to kill her. And I won't let you do so," Liam replied sharply.
"As you wish." he shrugged his shoulders and put his hand in his pocket.
I rushed toward the both of them and stood between them.
"Don't kill him! Liam, don't waste your life for me!"
"I'm not wasting my life," he interrupted me, "I should have helped you four years ago when you collapsed in front of me." I opened my eyes wide.
"It was you? I knew it!"
I heard my step-brother cough in my back as I was looking at Liam.
"I'm sorry to interrupt you but I have other stuff to deal with today." He smirked.
I pushed Liam away and stood still in front of my step-brother; tears starting to stream to my face.
"Goodbye," I muttered and closed my eyes.

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