Diana Rose *complete*

He saved her but he doesn't remember.


6. Harry

Liam shook his head.

"No, we haven't. I'm sorry; I would remember." Harry looked at the both of us with a strange expression on his face but didn't say anything.

"You need rest." He told me; changing completely the subject before walking out of the room.

I didn't move. He might be right; we may not have meet though I would have sworn he seemed familiar to me. I sighed and went back to the couch on which I sat.

I felt slightly better but I couldn't stay here; I don't need their help. All I need is to go back to my flat, pack a few stuff and move away, far away. I knew that staying hidden here could be a good idea but they will throw me out sooner or later.

Suddenly, a thought came to my mind and I rushed out of the room; I needed to find Harry.

I found him in the kitchen where he was sitting alone. He looked at me astonished when I walked in.

"Is there something wrong?" he asked me while standing up.

"When you carried me here, did you meet two men?" I asked, my heart pounding fast.

"Well, yes," he replied, shrugging his shoulders. "They even seemed to know you." I opened my eyes wide as he carried on, "They told me they were sorry that you were in that state; they seemed really worried for you."

"What did you tell them afterwards?" I asked him sharply.

"Nothing." I sighed with relief. "But one of them gave me his phone number and told me to call him once you'd be awake."

All of the sudden, the doorbell rang. I looked in the direction from which the sound came. Then, I turned back to look at Harry.

"Don't tell me you did call them?" My whole body started to shake as Harry nodded, an awkward smile appearing on his face.

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