Diana Rose *complete*

He saved her but he doesn't remember.


3. Again

I got out of bed and walked closer to the front door, hoping I only had dreamed those footsteps getting closer.

"Open that door!" I heard an angry voice shout.

"Why don't you do it by yourself?” another voice yelled. I recognized them straight away. How did they find me?

I did not wait for them to decide who would break my door; I ran into the kitchen, opened the window and rushed outside. Luckily I'm living on the ground floor. I raced through the garden, climbed up the small portal and started to run down the street.

Cold hit me as I only was wearing my pyjamas. It was December and the winter was as cold as ever. I ran as fast as I could without knowing where my feet would lead me. Tears formed in my eyes, blurring lightly my sight. It couldn't be happening. Not again. Why don't they leave me alone? Why do they have to chase after me all the time?

I wiped my tears off, thinking that they probably had found my empty flat and now were running after me. I ran faster, pain overrunning my body.

I breathed loudly, exhausted. I wasn't used to any kind of sports anymore. I knew I wouldn't run long before they caught me. My whole body was aching but this pain was worse than the one I had felt four years ago. My bare feet were bleeding because of the tar and my entire limb had turned blue because of the cold.

I reached a crossroad but didn't stop even though the traffic lights were red. I was about to cross when I felt someone grab my arm to stop me.

"Watch out! You wouldn't want to be crushed by a car, would you?" a man's voice told me.

I just stared ahead, trying to get my breath back. But the pain didn't fade away and I felt my body collapse on the ground.

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