Ninjas of Movellaragakure

Movellaragakure-- a hidden ninja village among the depths of the forest of writing; spots a threat to writing poetry, essays, or fiction novels. This threat, known as Ameyuri Takazuka, has an alliance named the Taka'nii. No one knows their purpose, but as a boy rises to popularity and power in the village, has a destiny entwining with this threat.


3. The First Lesson

"Yeah!" Genkoto exclaimed, punching the air up-high.

"Calm down, Genkoto!" Sakura hissed at his ear.

"But I'm so excited!"

"You told me that twice!"

"Shut up! Fyuka-sensei is about to start!"

Sakura gritted her teeth, ready for another punch, her veins pulsing with strength. She noticed a Jonin, like what all male Jonin wore, a black-white sweatshirt, chain mail covering their knee-pads, and vests of green covering the white sweatshirt, with the symbol of Movellaragakure placed on his chest and shoulders. His blonde hair was up to his eyes. Sakura smiled uneasily, lowering her palm, and sat next to Genkoto. The seats were arranged in three single files, each spread along the room. Fyuka-sensei had a chalkboard on the cemented walls, and in queasy, clumsy letters it was written: THE WAY OF THE NINJA: LEARNING ABOUT CHAKRA. Genkoto muttered something to Sakura, but Fyuka-sensei could hear it straight away.

"Stand up," Fyuka said, pointing to Genkoto.

"Yes, sensei!" Genkoto obeyed, standing up and dusting his yellow sweatshirt.

"What is your name?"

"Genkoto Fiyukan!"

"Fi-yu-kan," Fyuka muttered, writing the words F A Y U K A N on the chalkboard.

"Actually, sensei, it's an I after the F."

"Shut up." Fyuka scowled, correcting his surname.

"Sorry, sensei."

"Now, Genkoto, tell us anything you know about chakra."

"You mean ka-chra?" A few students giggled as Genkoto was pale with embarrassment. 

"No, cha-kra."



"Cha-kra is the substance of spirit energy through the Ninja, as their primal source for their magical prowess, also known as Genjutsu or Ninjutsu. It also fuels the Ninja body to use Taijutsu, hand to hand combat. If the user runs out of cha-kra, he will pass out and feel nauseous until he recovers."

"Correct, now, show me if you have any Ninjutsu moves."

"N-N-Ninjutsu?" Genkoto stammered. 'Why Ninjutsu? I'm worst at it.' he thought.

This time, Sakura stood up without permission, speaking before Fyuka. Sakura was fearless, until her voice faded when Fyuka looked at her. She touched her index fingers with their tips shyly.

"Yes, what's your name?" Fyuka asked.

"S-S-Sakura Denfu." Sakura gulped as she said each word.

"Denfu," Fyuk repeated. "I see you're the daughter of Master Denfu."

'Yeah! Finally someone who notices me other than royal-fancy-looking Kushina!' Sakura thought in relief. "Yes, Denfu."

"Do you need to tell me something?"

Sakura's cheeks turned crimson red. "W-W-Well, G-Genkoto f-f-forgot to s-say h-h-how to use Ninjutsu w-w-with hand s-s-signs."

"Well, if you're so smart, come here and show us a Ninjutsu move."

Sakura gulped, but hastily obeyed her sensei. She faced the class, each student glaring at her. Sakura took her eyes on a certain student, who she admired. Shukaki. He was brilliant, acting cool with his blue shirt and red vest. He looked away, with Sakura disappointed.

"Well?" Fyuka pressed on impatiently.

"Ninjutsu Style! Transformation Jutsu!" she shouted, with her index and middle finger, both left and right, entwined together as she shouted. A faint copy of Shukaki appeared to be her, as she was concentrating on Shukaki as she was doing the hand sign.

"Oh..." Fyuka snorted, as he wrote D E N F U on the board. A few students giggled as Shukaki and Sakura were the only people who were red as a radish in class.

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