Ninjas of Movellaragakure

Movellaragakure-- a hidden ninja village among the depths of the forest of writing; spots a threat to writing poetry, essays, or fiction novels. This threat, known as Ameyuri Takazuka, has an alliance named the Taka'nii. No one knows their purpose, but as a boy rises to popularity and power in the village, has a destiny entwining with this threat.


1. Prologue

A red-headed woman with long pig-tails, wearing a chain-mail robe and a torn up battle skirt. She had bags of black around her eyes, with a lean figure and a slender body. The woman had two blades, each silver which were curved backwards, the metal glimmering in the light.

"Hello, Ameyuri." a sleek, shadowy figure, with a deep voice murmured to the woman.

"Ekara," the red-headed woman spat back.

"Have you got the plans for Movellaragakure?" Ekara asked calmly.

"No, isn't Dei with you?" Ameyuri asked, shining one of her blades.

"Dei? Your messenger said nothing about Dei."

"Damn! That must be one of the spies from Movellaragakure."

"Idiot," Ekara grunted, "they have our plans now."

"Shut up Ekara, we still have something that they don't know."

"And what is that?"

Ameyuri leaned to Ekara's ear, and whispered softly, something dreadful and mischievous. Ameyuri snickered once she told Ekara the secret.

"You mean..." Ekara stammered, startled. "That we're the only ones that have the leader of Movellaragakure's daughter's life in our hands?"

Ameyuri grinned mischievously, as she glanced over to a brunette girl, her hair touching down to her feet, as she was locked in a steel prison, cold and rats were squeaking with unstoppable energy, making a rough night's sleep. "We will rule Movellaragakure once and for all," Ameyuri declared. 

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