Ninjas of Movellaragakure

Movellaragakure-- a hidden ninja village among the depths of the forest of writing; spots a threat to writing poetry, essays, or fiction novels. This threat, known as Ameyuri Takazuka, has an alliance named the Taka'nii. No one knows their purpose, but as a boy rises to popularity and power in the village, has a destiny entwining with this threat.


2. Movellaragakure's Will

"Master Denfu!" a voice bellowed throughout the Movellaragakure quarters.

"What is it, Ja'na?" an elderly voice muttered back.

The elderly voice came from a man who wore a white robe, with a tan of red as his undershirt. He had a curved hat which shadowed his eyes, and thin gray hair sweeping down to his shoulders, with white facial hair slithering under his mouth and nose, which was thick as spaghetti.

"Master Denfu!" the voice cried out again, "Kushina is missing!"

"K-K-Kushina?" Master Denfu blinked, his mouth gapping with terror.

"We got reports of Taka'nii in the village! It was heading straight for Kushina's chamber!"

"Order patrols to scan through the forest immediately, Ja'na!"

"Yes, Master Denfu!" a woman shouted back, saluting with her tanned skin. She had a chain-mail battle skirt, a metal torso, with her belly showing out. Her undershirt was maroon, and it sticked out, longer than her sleeves. The woman, known as Ja'na, had specialized shuriken and kunai tucked under her battle skirt. Ja'na was an elite ninja, also known as 'Jonin'.

"Oh, Kushina..." Denfu sighed worriedly.

"Master Denfu!" Ja'na came back, with a few ninja at her back.

"Did you find her, Ja'na?"

"No! I'm very sorry. We found strips of hair heading to the border, where Taka'nii lies."

"That means... Taka'nii has kidnapped my daughter!"

"I'm sorry, Master Denfu..."

"Don't feel sorry! Get the other Jonin! We must fight!"

"Right, Master Denfu!"

Ja'na sped away, with her ninjas following. The wooden floor creaked, the white cloth against the walls fluttering as she came by. There was a loud crack, louder than a smash, interrupted the silence. A huge hole was in the wall, the wallpaper and cement thrashed and torn. Denfu cracked his knuckles, as he sped out of the wall, jumping on each tree. He was going to find Kushina.


"Alright!" a boy with hazel-brown straight hair exclaimed, with a yellow sweatshirt capping his white under-torso.

"Don't get too excited, Genkotu!" a girl, the same age as the boy, shouted at him, with her brunette hair twirling about.

"Sorry, Sakura! I'm just excited about the first day at the Ninja Academy!" Genkoto rubbed his head apologetically.

"My sister went missing awhile ago," Sakura stated, as they crept closer to the academy.

"Who's your sister?"


"Oh, you mean Master Denfu's daughter?"

"Hey!" Sakura's eyes turned red with fury, and punched Genkoto's head violently, her strength coming from her father. "I'm Master Denfu's daughter too!"

"Oh, sorry..." Genkoto apologized again, rubbing the back of his head not just apologetically, but easing the pain of Sakura's lunge.

"Hey, Genkoto! Look at that!"

"Aha! We found the Ninja Academy at last!


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