Louies new sister

Mikala gets abused by her father daily what will happen when her dad goes to work will she get out or will she be stuck in the hell holeforever


3. trip to the doc

                 Today was a day you would regret for ever because Lou and the boys are making you go get X-rays but you didn't wanna you kept refusing to go you hated the doc the office everything it was scary to you because of the first exam you ever had it never helped with it being your father with you.  You never liked him anyways so it was okay "Mikala come on hurry up" you heard Louis yell Niall came in to your room to see what's wrong, he walked to the door and opened it "babe you in here" Niall asked ya I am he walked over to you.  You were in a corner crying shaking Niall came and sat by you and asked you what was wrong you just cried he hugged you and soothed you to calm you down you told him you were scared and didn't want to go he asked you if you would go if he was the only one in the room with you you said ok but Lou I want him to.  Ok Niall said Louis and I will be the only ones with you.  You guys finally got to the hospital u freaked out Niall hugged you and kissed the top of your head and told you its ok you can do this babe I'm going to be with you the whole time you noded your head your right he picked you up and carried you inside  and they brought you in a room to get you in a gown Niall had to help you get in it alright Mikala lets get an exam done real fast u were scared because it was a guy nurse n n no you said Niall looked you in the eyes baby you have to hunny its gonna help them it wont hurt I'm gonna be here with u ok.  Would it help if I get one done with you you nodded your head they called in another male nurse and Niall took his clothes off and put a gown on they got exams for both of u Niall got dressed and went to get your X-rays dont then you got out of there in a cast and went home.

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