Louies new sister

Mikala gets abused by her father daily what will happen when her dad goes to work will she get out or will she be stuck in the hell holeforever


2. living the life

   The life I live now compared to the life I used to live is oh my different now.  I am constantly busy they didn't adopt me or anything they are just letting me stay for a while right when I walk out of Louis room he asks me if I would want him to adopt me?  I paused for a second and then screamed yes yes yes OMG yes I cried Louis called the adoption center.  I became Louis fucking Tomlinsons sister the boys got me a room then Niall decided to yell shopping Louis said if you want sis you can date Niall YES its a dream come true Niall said I'm taking that as a yes I hoped in the car and Niall and I went to the mall Niall bought every thing.  My dresses my shirts shoes skirts jeans everything I told Niall about my dad and how he abused me Niall drove home set me in the tub gently and started to help me wash my cuts burns brusies and every thing.      

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