Louies new sister

Mikala gets abused by her father daily what will happen when her dad goes to work will she get out or will she be stuck in the hell holeforever


1. Getting out

    Today is the day my dad did not beat me because he has to work well I have a bag packed and ready to go get out of this hell hole.  Finally I'm out but lost i have no clue where I am for all I know some boy or pervert could be stalking me I sit against the wall in the ally I'm in oh shit I hear voices British and Irish sounds like Louis Tomlinson Zayn Malik Niall Horan Harry Styles and Liam Payne but I doubt it's them.  As you inch toward the wall you forgot your dad had broke your leg but you still walk on it as you inched toward the wall you didn't want them to hear or see you. You didn't want to be hurt again that or any more you were scared in tears they heard you whimper and stopped once they saw you they bent down and looked at you you couldn't believe it was one direction it was them you love their music you would always listen to it after your beatings just to make you happy.  Louis looked concerned your leg was swollen and you were crying in pain they didnt want to move your leg so Louis gently laid his hand on it and Liam picked you up and Louis held your leg in place so it didnt move they finally got home and you were asleep Louis said that you could sleep in his bed tonight and I'll sleep with her to make sure shes ok the lads nodded in agreement so they laid you on Lou's bed you slept threw most of the night until that night mare of your dad came around you started screaming and crying Louis and the boys calmed you down then you fell back asleep for the night cuddled in to Louis chest with his big biceps wrapped around you he kissed you on the cheek and left you both asleep like that.

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