"I thought you hate me, Zayn. You're always saying i'm such a bitch. What now?" I asked as Zayn roughly pinned me against the wall. "you are a bitch. But i want you to be MY bitch." He smirked and looked into my eyes for the first time. I didn't see those normal hazel eyes, they were darker now. "Mine." he said. "All mine, every inch."


1. Chapter 1.

||Chapter 1||


"Okay, all done Louis!" I smiled as he checked out his hair. "I look hot." He smirks making me laugh. "Yeah yeah now get up, Harry's turn!" I said and he got up. "Damn Noelle, this hairspray does not smell good." Liam groaned. "It's not my fault you know? I used all the hair products i was given on your hair guys." I said washing Harry's hair who had already taken place on the chair. "Her name is Noelle, i had a dream about her, she rings my be-" i playfully hit Harry's shoulder making him laugh. "Don't sing!" He kept winking and smirking at me. "Okay so how do you want your hair to be like today?" i asked. "Just like everyday." i smiled and started working on his hair. Harry is my best friend, and i'm their hair stylist. I think you get it already. First i thought this thing would suck, but i'm happy that i took it and it brought me to 5-, um, 4 amazing boys. I don't like Zayn. He is so moody and rude, just ugh. I rolled my eyes when i thought about Zayn and focused on drying Harry's wet and shampooed hair. "My hair smells good." Harry said smelling like an idiot. "It's because of the shampoo idiot." I giggled. "Niall what's the time?" I asked continuing my work. "It's 5;35. So, 25 minutes left till the interview." I nodded. "Okay thanks." I said.  

After about 5 minutes i got done with Harry's hair. "Well that was fast, and the hair spray smells too strong." He complained. "I didn't make it so up shut." I smirked and pulled him of the chair. "But it was comfortable there." He pouted. Harry was so childish! "Okay okay it's Zayn's turn now go." I said looking at Zayn who was playing on his phone. "Zayn, come here." I called but he ignored me. "Zayn we have like 20 or less minutes left!" I said and he came to me and sat down. "Okay so how do you want your hai-" "i don't know stop asking that everyday it's annoying." I got mad. "Well, if i do random shit to your hair then you're gonna be the one screaming at me for not doing the thing you want!" I snapped at him. "Woah stop being a bitch." He smirked. "Zayn just, ugh don't talk to me and tell me how you want it!" I said looking at the clock. "Well, i have to talk to you if you want me to tell you how i want it." Man, he was getting on my nerves. I ignored him and his eyes contact and started washing his hair. "Okay remember the last three concerts? In the second last one you did this really coo- this quiff to my hair, do that." What? I don't remember. "Second last?" I asked and kept trying to remember. "You threw the hair drier at him remember?" Harry said and Zayn sighed. "Oh! He was being such an ass that day." I said working on this hair, washing it and putting shampoo. "It wasn't me. You were being a bitch." He said moving his head to just piss me off. "I wasn't! And stop moving your head!" I complained and held his head making it straight. "It's like you're always on your time of the month and that day was woah!" i gasped and put my hands on my hips. "Zayn just shut up!" I said pulling on his hair slightly. "Ow!" I finished doing his hair at like 5;50. "Good luck for the interview. I'll be in the tour bus." I said grabbing my bags. "Zayn don't touch your hair. You keep ruining it!" I said cause he kept running hands through his perfec- i mean, shitty hair. "I've had enough of your bitchyness for the day okay now go!" He said. "I'm going!" I said and stormed outta the building and got into the tour bus. I went over to the sofa and laid down there.

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