Trade anything for you

Cher Yamend is a 17 year old who believes life owes her something, just because her parents are millionaires. She is the most popular girl in her school and she is also the biggest bully in school. Her dream is to meet One Direction, and when she gets that chance the boys fall in love with her. Can they change her ways before someone gets hurt?


2. Nothing special

Cher's POV

Finally!!!!  I can leave this hell-hole!! ( aka school) now I can see if I won the trip to meet 1D. Yea, I like One Direction, big shit.Well I can check after I do my homework. I hate home work but mom jumps my ass if I get bad grades.  

-skip to house- 

ok now to check my inbox. And... I won!!!!!!! It's not surprising though. I get everything I want.  Gotta tell mom, so I don't miss my flight, it leaves in 2&1/2 hours. "Mom I won that contest! I'm gonna start packing!" I yelled. " good for you, honey!" She yelled back. I may be a bitch, but I love my mom. She is sweet. 😊. 



Sorry, I know this sucks. But it helps the plot. 😄 hope u read my other movellas!!!!! :) :p keep being awesome!!!!

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