The Lost Generation

A bunch of people have set out on a mysterious adventure to find the lost generation that has been buried down in the sea for at least 3000 years. The question is will they find it or will they ever get back home?.......


1. The Mystery Has Begun

On the 22nd of febuary 1920 there was a terrible crash that made the whole entire place of the usa had a huge building sink under water and what was under there was absoutely amazing because under the huge building was a vault that has not been open for 90 years and no one has ever none what has ever been in that vault. Four young men and women have heard about what happened on that day and they thought in their little group of friends what could actually be in that vault. Steven the smart one came up with a theory to measure how big the vault was on a actual size photograph then whatever that came to he said that they should times the numbers together and put two zeros on the end and that is how much money there is in that vault. Tracey also thought that the vault could be filled with precious diamonds which would mean that there would be a lot of moneys worth in that vault but also they all thought when Tracey said that, that if there actually was anything that is worth a lot then how are they actually going to get that vault open and get the belongings that was inside of the mysterious vault. Dominic said that the vault was filled with a lot of dead bodies and they have just been buried there from the old times. Another girl that is called Lucy said that the people who committed the crime of putting the vault in the sea so she thing that there s a load of class A drugs inside of the vault.

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