The Prince of my Heart-

"The piano is my passion, when I play I show every possible emotion that I’m feeling at the time. As soon as my fingers start on a note I feel like I’m in my own little world, like I’m the only one in the room. I play for nobody’s benefit but my own and I can’t imagine anything else better that compares to feelings that I get when my fingers brush against the keys."

For Scarlett Delilah Grace Jones, otherwise known as Scarlett, the piano was her world, she loved nothing as much as the piano. That was until her prince charming came into her life, literally.

(sorry soooo bad at these things, but please read )


1. Chapter 1-

Chapter 1-   

The piano is my passion. When I play I show every possible emotion that I’m feeling at the time. As soon as my fingers start on a note I feel as if I’m in my own little world, as if I’m the only one in the room. I play for nobody’s benefit but my own and can’t imagine anything else that compares to feelings that I get when my fingers brush against the keys. As I’m sitting here now, in one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to, I can’t help but think of how perfect this moment is.                                                                                                    

As I look at the grand piano in front of me, I can’t help but run my fingers along the fallboard that is protecting the black and white keys. Keys that are able to make such passionate music. I sit down on the piano stool and open the fallboard. The keys look so old and out dated. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to play. I press my fingers on a few of the keys and before I know it my eyes are closed and I'm playing one of my favourite melodies. As I play the theme from Titanic, often known as “Roses theme”, I start to drift off into my world again.    

Suddenly, when I’m about half way through the song, I feel someone's breath on my shoulder. I gasp and in an instant my fingers have stopped playing. I swing around on the stool to see a young guy standing before me. A very beautiful guy. Well, a very handsome guy. I see him looking at me in awe.                 

“I’m sorry to startle you. But that was absolutely beautiful. The way you put so much soul and passion into the song... That was truly amazing.” Wow, his voice is so low and sexy. But seriously, it wasn’t that good.

I scoff as I look away blushing, “It wasn’t that great. I mean, do you know how many people in this world can play the piano?”                                                                                                         

  He smiles while placing his hand behind his neck kind of awkwardly. “Yeah, but in all my seventeen years of living I have never seen someone play piano as beautifully as that.”

I sigh. Who the hell is this guy and why am I blushing like a freaking tomato? I never blush!

“Whatever. I’m running late for this lunch thing I have to go to. So, bye.” I actually still have this piano booked for another hour but I’d rather not talk to a creepy stranger. And a very attractive one, might I add. For all I know he could be a rapist. I am in a foreign country so anything is possible, right? I hear a chuckle so I look up and the sexy, seventeen-year-old rapist dude seems to be laughing at me.

I straighten up while putting me hands on my hips.

“What’s so funny?” I demand while stomping my foot out of frustration as if I’m a small child.                      

He raises an brow with an amused look on his face, “Firstly I can assure you that I’m not a rapist.” Oh shoot, I must have said that out loud.

“Yep, you said that out loud,” he said, confirming my thoughts. “Secondly, I know I’m sexy. And yes you did say that out loud as well.” He smirks while pointing to his well-defined abbs behind his shirt.

I roll my eyes, “Is there a third point to this pointless conversation or can I go?” I ask while tapping my foot impatiently.                           

“Well yes there is, actually. My name is Zachery Charles Gordon Phillips and normally when someone gives you a compliment such as saying you're amazingly talented on that piano, you smile and say 'thanks'. But you’re not normal are you?” He smirks while holding his hand out for me to shake as I stand there with my mouth hanging open. Did he really just say that? “You might want to shut your mouth. Wouldn’t want flies flying in there, now would we?”

I groan as I slap him in the face. Man, I obviously have a massive case of PMS. I’m usually not violent.                                                                          


Next thing I know he's bending over and holding his stomach while in the middle of a laughing fit. What the hell, I just slapped him and he is laughing?                                  

“I can’t believe I just got bitch-slapped from some American chick that I don’t even know.”

Well then, now it’s my turn to smirk.

“Firstly, I’m not American so you might want to get your facts straight. Secondly: I’m sorry for slapping you, I’m not usually violent. Thirdly, my name is Scarlett Delilah Grace Jones. I guess it’s sort of nice to meet an arrogant ass like yourself. And last but not least, I’m Australian you dumb ass.” I give him a smug smile, gather up my stuff and start towards the exit .

“Oh, and thanks for the compliment,” I yell over my shoulder. I was raised to be polite so I guess I was a little harsh on him. Oh well, no need to stress; I’m never going to see him again.


“Honey ,wake up. It’s time for school.” The voice of my dear mother wakes me up from my dream of pancakes and syrup. I have a huge craving for them right now. I turn slightly to look at my clock next to my bed. It reads "8:04". Oh crap! School starts in about half an hour. I jump out of bed, run down the hall way and into the bathroom. I turn on the hot water and try to wake myself up properly.

It’s been one week since I got back from London and it’s been 8 days since I met Zachery what’s-his-face. I was only in London because of my dad’s job but my mum and I decided to make it more of a holiday so we stayed there for three weeks. On my last day there I happened to meet Mr Arrogant or Zachery, as he calls himself. I feel a bit like a bitch for the way I treated him; he was nothing but nice to me. Ahhhh. I mentally curse myself. "Stop thinking about him!" I scream at myself. It’s pissing me off how I can’t get him out of my head. I shake my head to get rid of the thoughts and reach for the shampoo. I think I’m going crazy.

After my long, hot, relaxing shower I go to my wardrobe and take out my school uniform. I just look at it in disgust; I seriously can’t believe that they are making us wear school uniforms this year. It’s my final year of high school and the principal decides that we need to stop judging each other by what we wear so he gives us these hideous things to wear. I put on the plain white blouse, the dark blue and white checkered knee length skirt, white long socks and black flats.

As I make my way down stairs while putting my hair in a messy bun. At the same time I see my parents making out at the bottom of the stairs. Eww. I cover my eyes and cringe.

“Mum, dad, I love you both and all and you both obviously love each other but could you please play swap saliva somewhere else. Like I don’t know, your bed room maybe?” I say sarcastically.                                                               

 They look up and seem surprised to see me. Well, I’m glad to know that they still remember their one and only child.                                                                               

   “Oh sorry honey, I can’t seem to keep my hands off this beautiful women right here,” my dad says lovingly. Ugh, I seriously can’t believe that I have to actually live with these two people.                                                                                                        Mum just giggles while staring lovingly at my dad. She seriously just giggled like a love struck teenager.

“Aww, eww, that was really disturbing. Well if anyone is interested, I’m leaving to attend the hell hole known as school,” I announce while walking out the door, not even bothering to get breakfast. I really don’t think that I could eat a single thing after looking at that. I head down the road towards my school. It’s literally only about 10 minutes away from my house which is brilliant for me.


When I arrived at school I got tackled into a massive hug by my best friend, Cole.                                                                                                                                 “Scarletttt! I freaking missed you so much! Why didn’t you call me??”                           

I just laugh. He’s actually so adorable. And completely gay. Cole is tall and lanky with blonde short hair and blue eyes.                                                            

  He is absolutely nuts! He has been dating his boyfriend Jason for about a year now. They are the cutest couple ever.                                                                        

 I’m a massive fan girl. The whole school is really accepting of them as well which is cool. Jason is tall, muscular, has brown curly hair and green eyes. He's kind of shy but has the biggest heart ever. They balance each other out, which is why they work so well together. It’s just the three of us in our small group, so yes I am a massive third wheel but in my defense I was friends with Cole first before he started dating Jason. So I have a right to my best friend.                                                                                                                                      

“I’m so sorry Cole, I have just been super busy.”

I give him my best puppy dog face, the face that he can’t resist.

He rolls his eyes then breaks out into a huge grin.

“Fine, I forgive you. But I must hear all the details of your trip to London. I bet it was fantastic,” he says jumping up excitedly.

“You see, this is why I love you Cole.” I give him a massive hug, squeezing him extra tight. Man I missed this guy.

“Well how could you not love this sexy beast,” he says smirking while skipping off to what I can only assume is to make out with Jason in the supply closet.

The bell rings, signaling for the first class. I go to the office and receive my new timetable for the year and head to 12th grade Advanced English with Mrs Hartwell. I make my way to the back seat of the class room and tap my fingers on the desk while the class files in. The last student to enter catches my attention, though. Standing there in all his glory is Zachery. Standing in the doorway staring at me and giving me a smug smile. Oh crap...

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