Hidden Industry

All of us listen to music from our favourite artists every day, we watch them on TV, go see them in concert. To us they're just famous people. Five seemingly normal guys enter a typical music contest but soon find out nothing about that industry is normal, including themselves.


2. Two

Sofie’s POV

I was outside, trying my best to haul a cab. I had been called in to work without any explanation. I knew it was something pretty big because I had been told to get there as fast as possible no matter the means. 


I sighed. Magic might have been who I was and a large part of my life but I hated using it for careless things. I was both fortunate and unfortunate to have inherited the work that had been the work of all the women in my family for quite sometime. I was a witch. I was a witch that was bound to the most powerful empire. An empire that was the biggest supernatural secret of the world. A world which was hidden in plain sight. Entertainment. Celebrities. The Music Industry. 

They wielded so much influence over society and society had no idea. What to like, what to wear, what to eat, and what to want. Subliminal messaging. All controlled by people and things that society didn’t even believe in.

Incubus, Succubus, Siren, Vampire, Werewolf, Elf, Nymph, Fairy, Shifters, Witches, and more. When it came to celebrity, Humans were a rarity.

Another cab passed me by and I groaned in exasperation. I looked down at my watch and knew that time was running out. I sighed and closed my eyes.

I extended my hand and concentrated. I felt myself fade out of sight, knowing with confidence that no one even noticed. Suddenly, I was weightless, flying through the air so fast that everything was a blur. When I opened my eyes, I was standing outside of my destination.

I looked around at my surroundings, checking what I already knew to be true. No one had noticed me appear. I sighed and looked forwards, making my way into the building to find out what was so urgent that I couldn’t just take a cab.

Natalie’s POV

I stood backstage anxiously. I hadn’t ever been in the human community in such excess before. My instincts had me rigid and alert. Normally when my nerves were this high strung, I would be in my wolf form. Emotions were easier to deal with that way. 

However, that wasn’t an option. We were in human territory and Louis was on stage. He got through the first round and now he was on for his call back. This was when he would find out if he would actually get through to the actual show.

He sang his song and joined me backstage. It wasn’t long after that when all the boys were called on stage. One by one, the people who made it through were called. Louis name never left the judges mouth. Next thing I knew, a distraught Louis was in my arms. 

I felt the tremors running through his body and knew his wolf was trying to free itself. 

“Breath, Lou. Remember where we are.” I whispered, rubbing his back. He did as I said and took several deep breaths and whipped angrily at his eyes. 

Before he could say anything, one of the show’s staff came backstage and called all of the rejected boys to attention.

“The judges want Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson to follow me up to an office room.” He called out.

Louis looked at me, confused. I squared my shoulders. “What is this about?” I asked.

“They wish to speak to them. Are you a parent or a guardian?” The man asked.

I nodded. “I’m Louis Tomlinson’s guardian. I’m coming with him.” 

The man nodded in agreement. “Very well. Follow me.”

I grabbed Louis arm and we followed after the man, four other boys wandering behind us with no one by their sides.

Sofie’s POV

I entered the room that I had been instructed to report to only to find it full of people. Immediately, I knew that only one human was present. I waved my hand and she diverted her face. In that moment, I made myself visible.

“Ah, Sofie, finally. Silence the room, if you please.” Simon said as I shut the door behind me. 

I knew he was referring to magic, so I assumed the human was in the know. So, I centered myself and extended my hand towards the door. I mumbled an incantation under my breath and gestured around the room. 

Once I was satisfied that the room was sound proof, I nodded to Simon. He returned the gesture and turned to the group of guys.

“We’ve come to the decision to put you five lads into a group. You are all too talented to lose. I have a feeling about you boys.” Simon said, nodding. He then made eye contact with each of them. “None of you are human and none of you are the same. There will be tension but it’s nothing we haven’t dealt with before. Music and entertainment is for people like you. Supernatural talents from supernatural beings. You’ll find that there are quite a lot of them in this business.”

Simon looked around the room and then back at the boys. “The shows is a hoax. I hate to say that you wont win it. But that doesn’t matter. By the time the show is over you five with be well on your way to the top.”

He then turned to gesture towards me. “This is Sofie. She is going to be your manager. She specializes in magic and will help you all with anything you need.” He then turned towards the human in the room. “This is Lacey. She’s mortal.” Simon looked at the curly haired boy. “She will be your feeder. She will travel with you all. Anyone who doesn’t know about all of this will assume she is your good friend or even your girlfriend and you are to let them think that.”

Simon walked over to the blonde boy and the really cute one and placed a hand on each other their shoulders. “Niall and Liam, you two will be the peace keepers. Niall, your White light magic call diffuse any bad situation. You’ll keep the group calm. Liam, your elemental and empathic magic will keep the band grounded and level. You and Niall together will keep a good balance.”

Simon then turned to the dark skinned boy. “You’ll have to harness your shape shifting ability. We will need you to be able to pose as Harry sometimes during the day and Louis on full moons to keep up appearances that way, no one ever suspects their true nature.”

Natalie’s POV

I shook my head and stepped forward, making everyone look to me. “Hold up. You’re telling me that you are putting a Witch in charge of a band of five boys. One of which is a Vampire and one a Werewolf. That alone is insanity! Then you’re adding a Fairy, Elf, and a Shifter to the mix? All for a fake show?”

“It’s Fae. I’m not a fairy.” The blonde whispered, cheeks red with either anger or embarrassment. I tried not to noticed how good looking he was. So I turned my head to the woman called Sofie.

She turned towards me and waved her hand. I felt a false calm come over my body, preventing the tremors that would allow me to turn into my true form. “The show is just a means to attract talent. We did that. These boys are the real thing. We just need the show to distract while we work on the more important things.”

I felt a growl rumble in my throat. “For one, I don’t need your magic to control me. I’m not a wild dog. For two, why? Why these boys?”

Sofie dropped her arm to her side and I felt her charm fall away from me. “Because our business isn’t made for just any old human. This is a business for the Supernatural. Do you think that charm, that connection people feel to their favorite singer or band is a simple crush. No. It is a charm, an allure that humans have always felt when it came to the paranormal and supernatural world. Its an allure that I have perfected but will only work if the talent and charm is already there. These boys will be on top of the world and the world will be influenced. It’s the way the world works.” She said, face emotionless. However, witch or not, the smell of her fear and disgust over the words she was saying seeped out of pours, only detectible to my trained nose.

I looked at Louis and he gave me a look. It was a look that clearly told me to back off. I nodded once and stepped back, giving him the ok to make the choice for himself.

He looked to Simon. “I’m in.” The other four boys were quick to agree. 

Just like that, One Direction was born and my life was forever changed.

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