Hidden Industry

All of us listen to music from our favourite artists every day, we watch them on TV, go see them in concert. To us they're just famous people. Five seemingly normal guys enter a typical music contest but soon find out nothing about that industry is normal, including themselves.


10. Ten

*Sofie’s POV*

Since the arrival of Lacey’s cousin, Kasey, things had been tense to say the least. It seemed that Niall, Liam, and I were needed constantly to keep the peace in a room.

Nat and Kasey really seemed to butt heads. They were both so hot tempered and both their minds and their supernatural instincts were telling them to hate each other. It didn’t help that they met in the middle of a fight. That seemed to define their entire relationship; one big fight. 

In comparison, things between Louis and Harry seemed almost calm. They still avoided each other at all cost and rarely spoke unless it was necessary. Lacey was able to keep the two of them relatively civil without a supernatural bone in her mortal body. Harry cared for her and Louis was falling for her more and more each day. The way they felt for her helped them to put their bickering aside most days.

But that was when you weren’t adding a Dhampir to the mix. That was when things got messy.

I sighed to myself as Niall led a fuming Natalie from the room and Lacey all but dragged Kasey the opposite direction by her arm. 

Kasey was already on edge because Lacey had just returned from a feeding with Harry. Kasey was never anything short of livid when she saw Lacey holding tissue to her neck to stop the bleeding. When Louis and Nat entered the room, Lou made a beeline for Lacey, scooping her weak body up into a sweet embrace.

Kasey took a half of a step towards the couple as her eyes flashed red. A deep hiss escaped her mouth before she could control her emotions from the sight of watching her cousin going from the den of a vampire and into the arms of a werewolf. 

Nat, however, wasn’t interested in the couple. Her eyes had been on Kasey, waiting for this moment, the excuse to attack this new half vampire threat. He launched herself at Kasey. Phasing into her wolf form on the fly. Kasey’s senses warned her just in time to face the incoming threat as they collided. 

I had watched Nat and Harry go at it, and Harry had tossed her off like a rag doll since he had been freshly fed. This fight, however, was a bit more even. Both girls held their ground and refused to budge. They were both fueled by love for a family member and neither of them were going to back down. 

I placed my hand to the ground, willing my message to be carried to the two people that I needed here with me. As I trusted my magic to call Niall and Liam to me, I focus on the girls, needing to stop this as soon as possible. 

Louis phased into his wolf form and he stayed to the edge of the fight, looking for the right time to separate the two girls. Lacey stood on the opposite side, clearly looking for the same moment. I knew if I didn’t stop them, Nat and Kasey would end up hurting the ones they were meaning to protect. 

I focus on Louis and Lacey for the moment, needing to keep them out of the problem. I locked my gaze on Lou and channeled my magic on him. Tremors began to rock through the young wolf as I tried to reverse his phasing. I knew he was fighting it but I pushed harder. Finally, Louis was forced to phase back into his human form. He looked angry and never stopped trying to fight my magic. I held firm while I extended my power to Lacey. I pushed her away from the fight, literally moving her mentally away. She was rooted to the spot and she shouted out in annoyance at me.

Finally, I focused on the main event, Nat and Kasey. My magic was already strained and no matter how hard I focused, I couldn’t get my magic to reach them. If I pushed any harder, I would lose hold over Louis and Lacey.

Luckily, Niall and Liam chose that moment to enter the room together at a run. They took in the situation quickly and together their magic was able to pull the girls apart. Liam touched a plant nearby, causing the vines to shoot out, wrapping around Kasey, pulling her away from Nat. 

Niall simply touched Nat and a bright white light glowed at the place of contact and spread through her body, bringing a calm over her that allowed him to begin leading her from the room.

I released my hold on both Louis and Lacey. Louis looked over at Lacey with a sad smile. She returned the look before the two went separate ways. Louis ran off after Niall and Nat and Lacey pulled Kasey from the room.

I felt my strength drain from me so quickly. I knew it would return just as fast but I needed a moment. The sudden burst of magic, controlling multiple people at once, always seemed to leave me momentarily weak. I walked over to a bench that lined once of the walls and took a seat. I closed my eyes and just let myself relax.

I felt the air shift and a warmth that could only be the body heat of another person formed beside me. I opened my eyes slowly and glanced over to see Liam.

I blame it on my magic induced weakness, but my breath caught at the sight of him. The light caught his face, the highlights in his hair, and the warmth in his deep brown eyes in a way that seemed to make him literally shine.

Part of me knew it wasn’t just the light that lit him up. No, part of it was the pure elemental magic that coursed through his veins. A magic that pure always had a sort of glow to it that was always so distinct. The other part was the way his face lit up when he spoke to me.

My heart began beating at a quicker tempo as I thought about it. Somehow, between the two of us, something as simple as attraction became complicated.

I liked him and I knew that he liked me. I could feel the connection between us every time he even looked at me. However, I couldn’t let myself fall into in. I couldn’t let myself want him even though it was too late for that.

He came from the purest kind of magic. Magic over the elements was one of the most powerful and rawest forms of magic. It was magic that was only used for good things, innocent things. My magic was more wild. It had been used for both light and dark things. My would wasn’t black and while where right and wrong were concerned. I had seen a lot of gray.

When he looked at me like he was doing now, his goodness burned into me so intensely and I never felt worthy of him. I could see the bad things I had been forced to do in this line of work. How could I let Liam like me? What if by caring for me, I tainted that purity? His perfection?

I don’t know if that is possible but when we touched I could feel our magic touching too. I could feel the magic deep connection we shared. When our magic brushes against each other, can he feel the darkness in mine like I could feel the light in his?

That is why I broke eye contact and looked away from him.

“Are you alright, Sof?” He asked, peering at me, concerned.

My heart fluttered at the casual nick name but I kept my eyes on the ground. “I’m fine. The magic just weakened me is all.”

Liam reached for me and I shied away automatically. “I could give you a quick jolt of energy if you want?” His tone was genuine, though you could tell that my flinch hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“No thank you. I’ll be ok, really.” I said, smiling apologetically. “I think I just need some air. It is about time to go find Zayn anyways.” Liam’s friendly smile faded and he looked away from me at the mention of Zayn’s name. My heart ached at the sight. “It’s almost time for our Shifting practice.” I added.

With Zayn things were simple. He had magic, yes, but it was a much different type. The only thing he could control was his own being, morphing himself from form to form. He was beautiful and talented. Most importantly, he was amazed by my magic. He couldn’t see the imperfections in it, or in me. With Liam, it was just the opposite. Suddenly, I couldn’t see the imperfections in him but saw so many in myself.

I stood up and started towards the door. When I reached it, I turned to look back at Liam. His face was turned towards the floor and even his posture looked a bit sad. I bit my lip and found myself speaking before I had really formed the thought. “You coming? We’re working on Shifting to people now. I could use your magic and your help. If you don’t mind, that is.” I asked. I wouldn’t admit how desperate I was for him to say yes, just to spend more time with him.

He looked up slowly, a small smile on his face. “Sure. I’d love to help.” He said as he stood and followed me out.

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