Hidden Industry

All of us listen to music from our favourite artists every day, we watch them on TV, go see them in concert. To us they're just famous people. Five seemingly normal guys enter a typical music contest but soon find out nothing about that industry is normal, including themselves.


6. Six

Louis’ POV

I was completely livid. I was so mad that my tremors were rocking my body in a nearly uncontrollable way as I paced up and down the hallway. Niall had carried Nat to her room to rest. He had said that even though he was able to heal her, she was very weak. 

The more I pictured Nat lying there on the floor the more angry I became. My tremors continued to get worse and I knew I was in danger of phasing.

My pacing got longer and longer until I was no longer pacing at all. Now I was on a mission. My legs were ahead of my mind and were leading me towards the cause of my anger. The closer I got, the strong the smell became. 

My body was tight with tension. I was so close now. My nose wrinkled in disgust. It was all I could smell. The smell of the blood sucker. The blood sucker who hurt my sister.

My tremors increased and I felt the change start to come. I felt my nails grow, digging into my palm. My teeth grew to a point. A growl escaped my mouth. 

Lacey’s POV

I left Harry’s room feeling a bit dizzy. I pressed a bit of toilet paper to the side of my neck, trying to stop the flow of blood. It was a bit strange how quickly I was getting used to the blood loss. However, no matter how used to it I was getting, how much money it was paying, or how completely blissful his bite was at the moment, I was beginning to think I couldn’t take much more of this. 

But every time I thought about stopping, two things popped into my mind. Could I go without that blissful bite? Could I go without seeing Louis? I wasn’t so sure I could do either. 

I took a deep breath and tired to stop my head from spinning, but as I rounded the corner and crashed into a hard solid form, my lightheaded feeling got the better of me as I lost focus and fell back onto the ground.

I blinked my eyes several times trying to clear my vision. I looked up to see Louis standing over me.

Well, it looked like Louis. The bright yellow of his eyes seemed to shine with a wild light. His teeth were long and sharp and his nails were a match. He hair stood straight up like electricity was flowing through him. When he looked down at me, it was like he almost didn’t recognize me.

“Louis?” I asked, voice small and slightly frightened.

Louis shuddered and his eyes slowly turned green and from there back to blue. Slowly, he started to find himself again and recognition flashed in his eyes.

“Lacey? Did I hurt you?” He asked, confused.

Did he not remember? “No, of course not. I ran into you is all.” I said with a sheepish smile.

He sighed in relief and his smile started to spread across his face. However, it was short lived.

Louis’ POV

I smiled at Lacey and reached down to help her up. That was when I the smell that had led me here grew stronger and stronger with a quickness that only his kind could manage.

Next thing I knew, there he was. Standing right in front of me. I pulled Lacey up and pushed her behind me, my body the only thing separating her from him. A warning growl escaped my mouth.

He stared at me, green eyes cunning. “I thought I told you to stay away from her. She belongs to me. She bares my marks. Wasn’t my warning enough? How is your sister anyway?” He spoke in his slow taunting voice.

I felt my blood boil and begin spilling over. The tremors were rippling across my body. Before I could blink, my body phased, growing, stretching, swelling. My vision intensified as did my sense of smell. I could feel the ground under all four paws and the power tensing in my hindquarters.

My muscles tensed and coiled and finally, I launched myself at him. 

Before, he held me by the throat like I was no threat at all. This time, he and I both knew that wouldn’t be enough. 

Our bodies collided and we both hit the floor. We rolled and rolled until finally I pinned him to the ground. My mouth opened and a thundering growl exploded from my throat. I snapped at his face but he simply bared his fangs and hissed.

He wrapped his arm around my right front leg and squeezed. I felt the bone snap with a loud crack, but I wasn’t stopping yet. My teeth made contact with his shoulder and he cried out him pain.

We went at each other, we rarely landed hits because at this moment we were evenly matched. It could have gone on until we both collapsed from exhaustion, but Lacey was having none of it.

“Boys! Stop it! How hard is it to grow the hell up and get along!” She shouted as she tried to push her way in between us. Her arm thrust between us just as his teeth lunged for my throat. She cried out in pain and suddenly, I was letting go of him.

My body shuddered and twitched until I could stand upright, completely human again. I clutched my broken right arm to my chest as I bent down to check on Lacey.

“Lacey, hunny, are you ok?” I asked, worry in my voice.

She groaned a little, clutching the bite mark with her other hand. “Yes. It just…that bite hurt worse than it normally does.” She gritted her teeth.

“Vampires have the ability to release a chemical when they bite someone. They can either make the bite extremely pleasant or extremely painful. That was intended for me, love. No way would it be anything but painful.” I said, stroking her hair.

Harry walked over and I say the first look of genuine concern of his face. “Lacey, I’m really sorry. I never meant to hurt you.”

She smiled up at him in a way that made me a bit jealous. “I know you didn’t, Hazza.” She then turned to me, face pale and sweaty. “Maybe you could take me to Niall? I think he might need to heal it quickly. I’ve already lost quite a bit of blood today.”

I looked up at Harry. I forced a calm mask onto my face. “My arm is shot. Can you carry her to Niall?” I asked. He gave one curt nod and had her in his arms disappeared into thin air before I could stand to my feet.

Silently, I willed the tremors to take over my body, changing me into my true form, and caring me more quickly after Harry and Lacey.

Kasey’s POV

I walked up the stairs of the apartment complex where Lacey lived. However, I knew before I even made it to her door that she hadn’t been here in days. I couldn’t smell even a single trace of fresh scent. 

Still, I had to get into her apartment. There had to be something inside to give me a clue to her whereabouts. 

I glanced around me, making sure the coast was clear. Satisfied that it was, I pulled the pick and tension wrench from my pocket and slowly slipped them into the lock. Once I had the placed just right, I gave it a little wiggle and a turn and the lock clicked free and the door opened ever so slightly.

I smiled and pushed my way into the room. 

As I walked around the room, waiting for something to catch my eye, a new smell caught my attention. The trail didn’t come far into the room and it entered from the window. My whole body froze with anger and fear. A vampire.

The trial was days old but I knew the smell none the less. 

There was no sign of a struggle and I didn’t smell any spilt blood in the apartment. That, paired with the fact that I had talked to her this morning really worried me. Was she really hanging out with a vampire knowingly?

She knew what I was. She had been the only member of my human family to ever really accept me completely. She knew that my mother went through to have me and how she died doing it. She knew that it was a vampire who did that to her. 

I touched the scar on my cheek lightly, remembering the day I met my father. He nearly killed me that day. He had told me that I would never be accepted by either species. That I would forever be defined as unstable, weird, and sketchy by humans. And forever saw as a half breed with tainted blood by all vampires. He also told me that it was all my fault that my mother died.

Lacey had been the one to find me, broken, bloody, and crying on the floor of my apartment.

Now, she was associating with a vampire?

No. It can’t be true. This vampire had to be compelling her. 

I took a deep breath, memorizing the smell of this vampire, and then hurried from her apartment, desperate to find my answers.

Natalie’s POV

I opened my eyes slowly, trying to adjust them to the bright light that lit up the room. When I finally did, I looked over to find the source of the light.

Niall’s hand was clamped tightly around mine. His eyes were closed in concentration and he was mumbling what seemed like a spell over and over again.

I felt a smile on my face as I took in the pure light that surrounded our intertwined hands. As much of a skeptic as I was when it came to love, I couldn’t help the warm fuzzy feelings that grew inside of me when I thought about the fact that he chose me. His magic chose me. 

Did that mean I was more than a child of the moon? More than a creature of the night? Was I destined to do great things with this beautiful Fae with a light so pure that even shadows seemed to lose its darkness?

I didn’t have all of the answers. What I did have was this moment with him, now. I leaned up slowly, body still weak from the fight with Harry. Niall’s eyes opened as he felt me move up to face him.

“Nat, you shouldn’t be moving…” He began, but I silenced him with a kiss.

The kiss was everything all in one simple brush of the lips. 

It was sweet and sensitive in the way that his lips brushed across mine. It was raw and passionate in the way our lips moved quicker and quicker, desperate to keep coming together. It was innocent and pure in the tingles of warm electricity that flowed from his lips to mine. It was dirty and seductive in the way his tongue battled mine and his teeth grazed my lips.

I could imagine both of our bodies where shining like the moon itself in Niall’s pure Fae light. 

I don’t really know what would have happened if we would have been left in peace for the next few hours because at that moment the room was suddenly crowded. Harry shot into the room with a limp and deathly pale Lacey clutched in his arms and right on his heels was the chocolate brown wolf that I knew to be my brother. 

Niall and I pulled apart quickly, but the remaining glow from Niall’s Light gave us away as in remained lit up inside us both.

I looked from Niall to Harry and Lacey and finally to Louis. His wolf expression was hard to read but his eyes were narrowed in a warning. A low growl rumbled in his chest and his body tensed to spring. 

In a moment of panic, I held out my hands towards my brother, willing him to stop. That’s when things really got weird.

The traces of Light that remained inside me after my kiss with Niall channeled itself into the palm of my hand. And just like the Light belonged to me, it left my palm to do my bidding.

Louis wasn’t blown back like Niall’s Light normally did. This light simply pushed him back enough to make its point. 

Everyone in the room froze. My breath was coming in quick burst and my heart was racing. I looked down at my now normal hands and then back up at Niall. His face was as confused as I felt.

“What the hell was that?” I asked him, looking back down at my hands.

Niall looked down at them too. “I don’t know, Nat. I really don’t.”

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