Hidden Industry

All of us listen to music from our favourite artists every day, we watch them on TV, go see them in concert. To us they're just famous people. Five seemingly normal guys enter a typical music contest but soon find out nothing about that industry is normal, including themselves.


7. Seven

Natalie’s POV

The room was silent, the events of the last few seconds still running through our minds. How come I just willed Louis back with a fae’s light? I glanced at my brother who had phased back to his human form, his broken arm close to his chest, I could see he was in a lot of pain. “What the hell was that?” He asked me and Niall.

“We don’t know Lou.” I said quietly.

“How can you not know? You were lit up like a frigging Christmas tree.” He stood up, wincing. “Someone fucking tell me what the hell is going on!” You could see his anger surfacing, his eyes were a bright yellow.

Niall stood up, shielding me. “I... we were kissing and...”

“Kissing? What makes you think you can kiss my sister?” Louis interrupted.

“It just happened.” Niall said bluntly.

“Just happened? Well you know you can’t be with her right?”

I pulled Niall back onto the bed where I lie. “Why can’t he? Louis this is my life. Besides this is more than a quick fumble.”

“How is it?”

I glanced at Niall who nodded, holding his hand up. I did the same and the light appeared. “Louis, I know you aren’t my biggest fan right now but believe me when I say, I love youe sister. This light tells me that she’s the one I’m supposed to be with. A fae’s light will only channel through the person it’s meant to be with. My light chose Nat.”

“So it means she can use your light?” Louis’ toned had mellowed slightly.

“That was a shock to me as it was to you. I’ve seen fae with fae and fae with humans and a human has never ever been able to do anything with the light. Maybe Nat being another supernatural being means she can use my light as a power.”

Louis hobbled over, coming to me, giving me a one armed hug. “I love you sis, so sorry I overreacted.”

I laughed. “You’re a wolf, it’s in your nature.” I didn’t even wanna ask about his arm, looking at Lacey and Harry I think I knew what had happened.

“Louis give me your arm.” Niall said quietly. A sudden life filled Lacey, left with Harry following, I couldn’t help but sense how hung up Louis was on her. “All done.”

“Be careful Lou. I can see you like Lacey a lot but she’s Harry’s feeder. It’s dangerous territory.” I said soothingly.

He sighed. “I know, there’s just something about her.” He looked at Niall, who looked so worried. “Anyway, I’m gonna go. Give you two some privacy.” He stood up. “Niall, look after her. I don’t wanna lose my sis, she’s my rock.”

Niall’s eyes lit up. “I will Louis don’t worry. I don’t wanna lose her either.” They smiled at each other and I waved as Louis left. What a night.

Niall’s POV

Me and Nat sat there for a while not saying anything. Think we were both overwhelmed with everything going on. I could tell her mind was going a million miles an hour. “Nat you need to relax. That fight with Harry was a big one.” I said softly, moving onto the bed with her, wrapping my arms around her waist.

“I’m trying, I’m just scared for Louis.” She sighed, snuggling into my neck.

“I know but you need to get your strength back up.” I held her tighter.

She nodded, wrapping her own weary arms around me. I kissed her lightly, finally closing my own tired eyes, wondering if tomorrow would be any easier. Just one day with no hiccups or fall outs would be perfect, but I don’t see it happened. Harry loves to taunt Louis and Louis always bites, thankfully not in the literal sense. Then there’s Nat who’ll do anything for her brother which I understand completely, but she nearly died tonight and I didn’t wanna lose the amazing person I’d found.

As great as the fame was, it was coming at a price and if we’re not careful, we’ll end up playing the ultimate one when one of the fights goes too far. I just hope it never came to that.

Louis’ POV

Nat’s words rang in my head. I knew she was right, but that still didn’t deter my need to be with Lacey. With Harry it had to be different right? All she was to him was the mortal who’s blood he sucked. My need for her was different, it wasn’t a hunger, it was a need to have her in my arms, keeping her safe from all the bad. A light knock on my door startled me, but I relaxed when I saw Lacey appear.

“Hey you, feeling better?” I said smiling.

“A little, how are you?” She asked.

“As good as new.” I replied, holding what was my broken arm up.

She walked over and sat next to me. “That fight earlier, was it really over?”

I looked downward. “It was mainly over my sister. He nearly killed her. But...” I said taking her hand. “It was about you too.”

“But why?” She questioned. “I’m nothing.” She looked to the floor.

“You’re something to me.”

She looked up at me her blue eyes twinkling and I leaned forward placing my lips onto hers. I felt a growl escape my lips as our tongues fought for dominance. I pulled her on top of me, my hands all over her. Damn this felt good, I could only hope Harry didn’t ruin this perfect moment. I didn’t want it to end.

Harry’s POV

I could sense Lacey, she was kissing someone. I knew that someone was Louis. It took all my strength not to run and stop them, but I knew it’d be pointless. I could suck her blood all I want, she’d never ever look at me the way I wished she would. I could sense the fear she had every time I went to feed. I could also sense the fuzziness she gets in Louis’ presence. Her heart was his and there was nothing I could do to change it.

I just felt like I needed someone right now. Everyone thinks I’m a cold blooded killer. Even if they don’t say it, I know they’re thinking it. I have no recollection of hurting these girls yet I’m being branded as the ‘snake bite killer’. I needed someone to believe it wasn’t me. Someone to take a look at me and ignore the fangs, just see that I’m just a normal person.

I don’t like sucking blood but I need it to survive,  because I’m so old the synthesised blood doesn’t give me the nutrients I need. I would never ever drain anyone though, not on purpose. I don’t need to. I know how much I need and I never take more than that. Why does no one believe someone is out there to get me?

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