Hidden Industry

All of us listen to music from our favourite artists every day, we watch them on TV, go see them in concert. To us they're just famous people. Five seemingly normal guys enter a typical music contest but soon find out nothing about that industry is normal, including themselves.


4. Four


In the past two months, 8 bodies have turned up drained completely of blood with snake bite like wounds on the neck, puncturing the Carotid artery every time. 
There was no attempt to hide the bodies and yet no DNA or Trace was found on the bodies or in the crime scene. So far, no eye witnesses have come forward and the Police are doing everything they can to catch the killer. 

On a connected note, the band One Direction have been on the fast track to fame. Girls all over the world are going crazy for the talented young lads in the group. That being said, ladies and mothers, The Police ask you not to travel alone to shows or meet and greets. Nearly all the victims were women anywhere from 17 to 24. And 5 out of the 7 victims that were women all had some sort of 1D merchandise on display. 
The suspect seems to be targeting young adult women as they leave shows late at night. So, please, show caution and never travel alone!

Niall’s POV

Two months had passed and we all found ourselves getting along as best we could. Louis and Harry avoided being alone together and when we had to be together, I always separated them. At times, they could speak to each other with normalcy and in a civilized manner. Other times, they were at each others throat so intensely that it took Liam and I both to calm them down. It was obvious if you could strip them of their supernatural titles and leave them human, they would probably be really good friends. However, their natures were against them.

However, sometimes it wasn’t the boys that I needed to worry about. 

Louis sister, Nat, was a force to be reckoned with. She was protective, fierce, and hot tempered when you pushed her buttons. She was also completely and utterly gorgeous. To say that I was attracted to her was an understatement. However, I wasn’t sure if she felt the same. 

Things had definitely gotten better between us after the day that I blasted her with my Light when I thought Louis was in danger. She stormed off and I spent the day thinking that I had really blown ever gaining her trust. However, later that day she sought me out to tell me that she wasn’t mad and that she understood why I had done it. She even went as far as to tell me that she was glad that I would be around to protect her brother.

Since then, me and her had become pretty good friends. She wanted to keep Louis and Harry apart just like I did so we kind of joined forces which made me the lucky guy who got to spend quite a lot of time with her. However, it also put me in the middle when Harry’s cheeky comments got under her skin and made her want to attack. However, her control was still way more advanced than Louis so those moments were rare.

I had actually been on my way to find her when Louis ran into me. “Hey, Lou. What’s up?” I asked, smiling.

“Hey, Nialler. I was looking for you. Simon wants to see us all. Nat ran off to find Zayn. I was supposed to find you and Liam. Harry’s been asleep and we needed you or Liam to wake him. Neither Nat or I can for obvious reasons.” He said.

I laughed. “Yeah. I got it. You find Liam and I’ll go wake up Harry.”

Natalie’s POV

When I found Zayn, I was surprised to find Sofie and Liam with him. They were working on Zayn’s shape shifting. Sofie and Liam were sitting side by side, cross legged on the ground. Each of them had one hand touching the ground and their other hand was intertwined together. A green glow seemed to surround them and absorb into the ground.

“Center yourself, Zayn. Feel the calm that is settling into the earth. Feel the energy. Imagine it flowing from the earth and into you.” Sofie said in a soothing voice as the green glow inched its way to Zayn.

Liam nodded and spoke, also very soothingly. “Very good. Now think of an animal. Any animal. Think about its size, shape, qualities. Hear it. As the earths energy flows into you, imagine your body morphing, changing into this animal.”

I watched as the green glow traveled into Zayn until his whole body was glowing. I watched as his form change and before my eyes he became an average house dog, however the green glow was still present.

“If he shifts, will he always have that glow?” I found myself asking out loud.

Both Sofie and Liam turned towards me, hands dropping from each other. With that connection lost, the green glow faded with it. However, Zayn remained a dog.

Sofie’s face turned a bit pink. “Oh, no. The glow was just Liam and I making the energy visible so Zayn could really picture it flowing into him. To help his concentration.” She pulled herself together, but I wasn’t fooled. The blush and the wash she said ‘Liam and I’ told me everything I needed to know. Suddenly, I was aware that Sofie wasn’t just a witch with great powers…she was also a girl who had feelings. I became surprisingly aware of the fact that I really wanted to be her friend. That was new for me. I never had female friends. Normally, it was only the pack. Mainly, it had always been Louis and I against the world. 

I smiled shyly at Sofie. “Well, you and Liam did great. Zayn is doing great and he has himself and you two to thank for it.” She smiled in response and I felt like she understood my offer of friendship in those simple words. “Well, Simon wants to speak to everyone. We should probably get back.” 

Zayn barked and his intelligent eyes met mine before he took off towards the building. “Zayn, you can’t go in there as a dog!” Liam shouted, running after Zayn. Neither Sofie or I could stop the laughter as we watched the boys.

Niall’s POV

I had finally gotten Harry wake. He rubbed at his eyes and slowly sat up, taking in the room. The look on his face was so normal, so human, that it caught me off guard. It made me wonder how long he had been this age and how he had gotten this way. He had moments like this where he seemed so kind and genuine that it was hard to remember that he was a blood sucker. 

He looked at me and his eyes were open and warm, not the usual cold guarded predator. “It’s a bit early. Is something wrong?” He asked, without once asking the time. 

“Its Simon. He’s called a meeting. Says its urgent.” I said skeptically. Harry nodded his head and started pulling himself together. 

We made our way up the stairs from the cellar. We made small talk and Harry remained light and happy. However, when we reached the meeting room, Louis, Liam, Sofie, Nat, and a black dog met us at the door. The dog trotted on in, not a care in the world and Liam and Sofie ran inside after him. This left Louis and Nat on one side of the entrance and Harry and I on the other. 

Harry’s posture changed immediately. He went rigid and tense. It was all from the scent that the werewolves gave off. I looked over to Nat and Louis and sensed the same changes in them. Harry’s smell alone set them on edge. 

Harry held his head up and swept passed the two and into the room. Louis’ eyes flashed yellow but quickly returned to blue and he followed in after him. Nat sighed and was about to follow after Lou when my instincts acted on their own and reached for her arm.

“Nat, wait.” My mouth said on its own.

Natalie’s POV

Niall’s hand was warm on my skin and I could feel his pulse beating in his hand. It quickened and I could smell the adrenaline seeping from his pours. I could even hear his heart beat going into double time. And as I focused on him, my heart quickened to match.

I never intended to get caught up in feelings here. I was supposed to be here to protect my brother. Feels were messy and distracting. But the harder I fought, the worse it seemed to get.

Niall was like a magnet. He was so full of energy and attraction. I felt drawn to him. It was so new to me. I never really thought about love and relationships, but when I did, I guess I always assumed it would be with someone from the pack. Someone like me.

But Niall was the opposite. He was unguarded, confident, and seemed so much like an angel. I was so guarded, confident only about my ability to protect myself and my brother, and a creature of the night. 

“Nat, wait.” He said to me.

My mouth and my body acted on its own. I was just so drawn to me. I closed the distance between us and my lips crashed onto his. 

Electricity, fire, and the purest magic exploded between us. Tremors shuddered through my body but it wasn’t the normal ones. I was in no danger of phasing. Instead I was suddenly in danger of falling.

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