Hidden Industry

All of us listen to music from our favourite artists every day, we watch them on TV, go see them in concert. To us they're just famous people. Five seemingly normal guys enter a typical music contest but soon find out nothing about that industry is normal, including themselves.


5. Five

Niall’s POV

I couldn’t ignore how amazing it felt to be kissing Nat, I pushed her against the nearest wall, wrapping my arms around her tightly. I could feel all the passion and fierceness she has when protecting her brother going into this kiss. We broke apart, breathless, our gaze locked onto each other. Even her yellow eyes didn’t scare me, I knew they were there because of me. “Niall, I’m sorry. I should never have done that.” She said quietly.

“Niall we need you in here!” Liam shouted from the door.

I glanced up at him disappointed. “Just give me a few minutes please.” I pleaded. He nodded and disappeared again.

I glanced back to Nat and lifted her head to look at me. “Don’t say that, I’m glad you did.”

She sighed. “Niall this is wrong, you’re a creature of light and I’m a creature of dark. You’re supposed to hate me.”

I laughed slightly. “Well I don’t hate you, I like you a lot.” I took her hand into mine, and felt my breath catch in my throat. I wasn’t sure about Nat, but I could feel the tingling sensation running through my body. She almost screamed seeing light form between our interlocked fingers, pulling her hand away.

“What was that?” She asked confused.

I got her to hold her hand up flat, I placed mine about three inches away and the light appeared again. “This means we’re soul mates.”

“How? Were opposites, we’re not supposed to fall in love.”

“If I had that answer, I’d tell you.” I kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Niall, no.” She sighed pushing me away. “Werewolves are supposed to be with werewolves and fae are meant to be with other fairies.”

“Nat listen to me.” I protested, locking both my hands with hers, our hands shining like the sun. “I don’t know how to explain this. But it’s happened for a reason. We’re meant to be together, the light we produce shows that. I don’t know how it works for werewolves but for fae this only happens once. Maybe us, this connection we share is what fate intended. I like you so much, I fall for you more and more each day and I know from that kiss that you feel the same. Maybe us being soul mates is meant to change the world.”

“I just don’t know Niall. This feels so wrong but then so right.” I leaned forward, placing my lips on hers once more, I could feel the light channelling through both our bodies. It was lighting both of us up.

I broke away. “Nat look.” She glanced down, her whole body glowing. “You are meant to be mine and I yours, every fae’s light is different and it will only channel through the right person for the fae in question. My light chose you.”

This time, she kissed me, it wasn’t as passionate as our first but it seemed she believed me. “I shall be yours Niall.” She whispered.

“Forever and always?” I asked, biting my lip.

“Forever and always.” She smiled, I kissed her once more, knowing without a doubt we’d be an unstoppable force. Nat would soon realise how strong a fae’s love is, and that paired with her need to protect Louis and my job to protect the band. Nothing would stop us achieving it.

Kasey’s POV

Glancing over the article in front of me, I couldn’t quite believe what I was reading. It was obviously not a snake bite, I knew exactly what was doing this... a vampire. I was half human, half vampire. Otherwise known as a Dhampir. I had all the characteristics of a human, I could do what every other human could, but I also had the hunger of a vampire. I chose to live as a human, I drink synthesised blood, I’ve never drank from a human in my life. Reading this article, my fear grew, I knew my cousin Lacey was crazy about this band and I was scared for her. I decided to warn her.

“Hello!” Lacey answered.

“Hey Lacey! How are you?”

“Oh hey! Erm I’m good you?”

“Yeah I’m great. Have you seen the reports?”

“What reports?”

“About the killings? They all seem to be linked to that band you like, One Direction.”

“Oh, I haven’t see anything.”

“Lacey are you sure you’re okay?” I asked.


“Where are you?” I asked calmly.

“With friends in the park.” She said bluntly.

I didn’t believe her for a second. “Okay well, have fun and be careful.”

She hung up and I popped my phone down gently. I knew she was lying, she was acting so weird. Something was fishy and I intended to find out just what it was. I will find her and if she’s in harm’s way, I’ll make sure I kill whatever is hurting her. No one touches my family and gets away with it.

Louis’ POV

We were all sat in silence after the grilling Simon just gave us. None of us were sure whether Harry had done it or not, well I say none of us. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had have actually done it. The amount of times we’ve watched him nearly drain Lacey just proves how greedy he is. Seeing his gaze staring at Lacey, I smiled to myself. “Hey Lacey, come give me some sugar.” I said laughing.

She smiled weakly, coming over and awkwardly wrapping her arms around my neck, I pulled her into my lap, nuzzling her neck, making her giggle. “I think you’re really beautiful.” I whispered in her ear. A slight blush flushed her cheeks.

“She’s mine!” Harry stood walking closer to me. I sat Lacey on her feet and stood up to face him

“No she isn’t! She’s your feeder, nothing more.”

Harry grabbed me by the throat, squeezing as he lifted me off the ground. “You’ve got some nerve thinking you can touch what is rightfully mine.”

I thrashed my legs, trying to reach his face with my hands.

Niall’s POV

I nodded to Liam, watching as he forced Harry to put Louis down. I formed a light ball in my hand, ready to throw it at him. Before I had chance to act, a snow white husky bounded in jumping at Harry whose senses were too alert. He grabbed the dog by its throat and threw it across the room. A loud whelp left its mouth as it fell down to the ground. I threw my light orb at Harry knocking him out back.

“Nat!!!” Louis shouted running over to the husky. I felt my heart rise to my throat when I realised why Louis had said her name. It was her wolf form and right now she wasn’t moving. “Niall do something please!!” He begged, tears were filling his eyes.

I nodded, walking over and kneeling down to where she was. I tried to drown out Louis shouting at Harry, and Liam trying to tell him it wasn’t worth it. “C’mon Nat! I need you.” I whispered, my hands shining onto her throat. I watched intently, looking for signs of life, and smiled when her tail started to wag. She was okay.

She phased back to human form and wrapped her arms around me tightly, I returned the favour, kissing her neck lightly. “Nat you’re okay! Thank god!” Louis smiled, running over. Nat stood up hugging him. I glanced at Harry who was just staring at the two wolves, he was out for blood and I don’t think he was gonna stop till he broke their bond.

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