Hidden Industry

All of us listen to music from our favourite artists every day, we watch them on TV, go see them in concert. To us they're just famous people. Five seemingly normal guys enter a typical music contest but soon find out nothing about that industry is normal, including themselves.


8. Eight

Harry’s POV

I was making my way down the deserted street, trying to give myself space from my problems. I was hoping fresh air would do my jumbled mind some good, but so far my luck just wasn’t with me.

When you had lived as long as I had, you found that the small things became meaningless and the big things became the little things and soon, nothing really meant anything at all.

The only things that stayed the same were the two things that caused the most grief; Love and the thirst for blood.

The thirst was always there. In the back of my mind and the back of my throat. A dull ache, a dull burn. It was never satisfied, only momentarily tamed. And when it wasn’t tamed, it felt like a full open flame in my throat. 

I didn’t want to kill people. Despite my unfortunate nature, I still had morals. That moment when you took a person’s last drop of life’s blood was quite bittersweet. It was the best and the worst that it got for my kind.

On one hand, it was murder. Completely cold blooded murder. You watch the light leave their eyes and their bodies go limp and that small piece of you that held on to any part of your humanity gets even smaller. The monster inside grows stronger.

Then on the other hand, that last bit of blood is the strongest; the most potent. You get a rush so strong that you almost feel drunk. The hunger, that thirst, becomes the most tolerable. For once, it seems almost sated.

Then, there was love. It was such a fickle thing. No matter man, woman, human, monster, or beast, there was love.

It was that feeling in the pit of your stomach, that feeling that your heart is full of hope, happiness, and pure contentment. A feeling for one person. A feeling that decades will never change or be able to fully explain. A feeling that isn’t easily shaken. Permanent.

You don’t forget the people that you truly fall for. They become part of you, part of who you are. Sometimes, you fall in love just once. Sometimes, you fall in love twice. And sometimes, when you have lived a really long time, you fall in love more times than you care to admit.

Each time, you give away a part of your heart and a part of your soul. And they give you a piece of theirs.

Then, they die. Or they move on. Or you move on. Either way, despite loves determination, it fades with time. Then, it becomes years of heartache and misery.

That would forever be my curse. The one that I would bare. Until the day I died for good, I would be a monster torn between my humanity, this monster, love, and this thirst. Always love and thirst.

Kasey’s POV

I was walking down the street, eyes, ears, and nose alert, hoping that I ran across Lacey’s scent. I’d called her a few times and so far there had been no answer. To say that I was worried about her would be an understatement. I had that terrible nagging feeling that she was in trouble.

Of course, I was solving nothing by this aimless wandering and I had no idea where she could be. I’d already checked the park, where she had told me she was, and made a few stops by some of her close friends places.

I knew that I was bordering on crazy. Lacey was an adult, only a year younger than me. But when it came to the world, I was a bit cynical and she was a bit too accepting. The face that she and I were so close was proof of that. After my family had turned their backs on me, she was the only one who had anything to do with me. She had a soft, good heart. A soft, good heart that was full of blood.

And now that I knew that a full vampire was hanging around her, I was worried that her view of me was the reason she was trying to accept them into her life. Hadn’t I told her that they weren’t like me? That they had no humanity left to reason with?

That voice in my head, that annoying one that thought it was always right, said to me, “Well, I’m sure that might sound quite similar to the things your family told her about you.”

I sighed in frustration. Admittedly, it was probably more of a loud groan. It echoed off of the buildings of the deserted street. I rubbed my face like I could actually wipe off the stress.

I sighed softly and took a deep breath to center myself, closing my eyes as I did so. When I opened the back up, I glanced around, looking for anything suspicious.

It was late, but the street was still oddly quiet. No cars were out and about and only one lone figure, dressed in black, was walking down the sidewalk.

I was about to turn around and head back the way I came when a group of girls about Lacey’s age rounded the corner and stepped onto the sidewalk, walking towards the figure in black.

I knew Lacey wasn’t with them but I also knew that they fit the profile of the recent victims list. I could have left and went home. After all, they weren’t anyone I knew. But I couldn’t. I would silently follow them until I knew that they were somewhere safe. Plus, I was nearly their age so I would blend in. If the “Snake Bite” Vampire killer showed up tonight, they wouldn’t know until it was too late that I was more than human.

Harry’s POV

I was thirsty. The burn in my throat was getting stronger. I needed to call Lacey but I knew she was still with Louis and despite the tension and aggression between Louis and I, I cared for Lacey. She never once looked at me like a monster. She accepted me. So, for her, I would leave them be.

But as for my thirst, I wasn’t sure what to do. If it wasn’t for this “Snake Bite Killer” I would have no problem taking enough blood from a stranger to hold back the thirst.

I knew that I should just turn around and head back to my room and make do with my chilled stored emergency blood. It was better than the synthetic stuff but never as good as fresh blood.

As I stood here, trying to talk myself out of the hunt, a group of girls stepped out onto the street and began strolling towards me. All of there scents drifted towards me and my throat felt like it had burst into flames. How was I so thirsty?

I could smell a hint of vampire on them and assumed that one of them had crossed paths with someone like me. I imagine Lacey has a bit of my scent on her.

The thought that one of these girls belonged to someone in the same way that Lacey belonged to me was just enough to clear my mind and give me the strength to hold my breath, stopping the scent of their blood from tempting me.

I had intended to walk straight past them, my head down, however, one of the girls stopped before me. 

“Oh my god. You’re Harry Styles! From One Direction!” she shouted. 

She took me by surprise and I took a deep agonizing breath. I felt the pressure of my fangs as they tried to come out. I fought to keep them in. I had to control this. 

“Yes, I am. How are you girls tonight?” I asked, smile wide. They squealed a bit and asked for my autograph. I laughed and smiled and happily signed each of their books. My senses kept tugging at me. Something wasn’t right.

“There you go, girls. Thank you so much for all of your support.” I said. I made it a point to make eye contact with each of them. Finally, I looked at the last girl. 

She stood a bit behind them. She looked a bit older and like she didn’t quite belong. It clicked that she never asked for an autograph. She hadn’t even spoke. Her long dark hair was pulled into a bun and her face looked mad. I didn’t quite understand why. Yet, the roundness to her face and the way she held herself reminded me of someone. Lacey. She reminded me of Lacey.

I locked eyes with her. “Do I know you?” I asked.

Kasey’s POV

That scent. I recognized it the moment he looked up. This was the vampire who had been in Lacey’s apartment. Here he was, late at night, surrounding himself with women who just so happened to match the victims of recent killings. Killings that everyone believed to be by a serial killer who’s signature was snake bite like wounds. However, I knew it was a vampire. And here he was.

I stayed quiet, my mind searching for a clever way to get him on his own. I slowly reached into my coat and locked my hand around the stake that I always kept there. I didn’t want to use it yet. I needed answers first. However, I if it came down to him or me, I wouldn’t hesitate. Not again.

He looked at me and his face searched mine. I don’t know what he found be soon he stepped towards me. “Do I know you?” he asked.

I allowed a fake smile to spread across my face. “Harry! It’s been so long! Didn’t think I’d see you again now that you’re all famous.” I stepped closer to him, going in for a fake hug.

I positioned my stake at his side, pressing it in just enough so he could feel the burn on the sterling silver. I put my arms around him and whispered ever so softly. “We need to talk. Now” I pressed my stake in a bit more to emphasize my point.

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