Remember Me?

Aubrie Davis and Sarah Peck grew up with a boy named Harry. But he moved away when they were in 5th grade. One day they run into the curly haired, green-eyed boy, and their lives change forever.


2. Catching Up

Hey guys this is xhoransgirlx or Sarah writing this chapter. Hope you all enjoy!

Sarah's P.O.V

"Oh my god Harry? Is that you?" wow I cannot believe that standing in front of us was the one, the only, Harry Styles!

"Uh ya love, it's me. Would you girls like a picture?" Harry asked, probably not remembering who we are. I get it, it has been 8 years and the only reason we still remember him is because Harry is in the most popular boy band on earth, One Direction! They both must've been watching me jump around and squeal with delight. They both laugh at me.

" Harry, by any chance do you remember us?" Aubrie so calmly asked. I don't know how she's doing that. Thanks Aubrie now you make me look like an overly obsessed fan. I'm not obsessed, I'm just dedicated.

"Hmm doesn't ring a bell, sorry love. Wait are your names Sarah and Aubrie? I went to school with them and you look vaguely familiar. " Harry said my name OMG I am freaking out inside!

"Ya that's us" wow just wow I don't get how she is taking this so well. I would totally be freaking out and hugging him!

"So how are you guys doing? It's been so long since I've seen you guys." Oh my god his voice is sooo sexy and amazing in person. I can't believe it.

"Sooo wuzzupp?' I asked trying to be cool by saying that and making it even cooler by slicking back my hair with one hand. But I must've looked like a complete idiot by doing that because they laughed at me. "Ok so maybe that didn't work out as well as i had hoped it would. But anyway how have you been Harry?"

"Haha well not really the best with the paps everywhere and when I say everywhere i mean everywhere. Niall saw a few paps in our pool the other day."  Just the sound of Niall's name made me sigh. "Niall is so amazing and so down to earth and such a wonderful person and-" I was cut off by a pair of laughter. Oh crap I said that out loud. And that's when my Irish cutie walked in.

   Niall James Horan!


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