Not You

Channel Diana Peterson used to date Harry Styles when he was on the X-factor. They broke up when they had an argument. But what happens when Channel starts dating Niall Horan? Will tensions rise? What happens when everyone finds out that Channel is one of the boys' long lost sister?


1. Prolouge

My name is Channel Diana Peterson. I ran away from home at the age of 14 to my closest friend and kind of a sister to me is Bianca. I flew to Holmes Chapel, England to live with her. My first name by the government is Diana but no one knows that except for Bianca, and my older brother, who I left. I used to date Harry. As in Harry Styles. We broke things off when he was in his 3rd week, in X-factor, with some group called One Direction. I can remember that like it was fricken yesterday. ( Flashback ) I was gonna Skype Harry since I was still in Holmes Chapel, and he was in London. ( C : Channel ; H: Harry) H: Hey sock monkey C: Hey boo boo H: So, you know how I'm supposed to be coming home today ? C : Yeah, what time are you coming home! ? H : Well, I'm not exactly leaving the X-factor. C : W-why? H : 'Cause they're putting me and 4 other guys in a group together. Then out of no where Bianca's boyfriend, Chad, comes in to my room shirtless asking if he could " borrow " my hair brush. Of course since I'm talking to Harry, I told him not right now and shooed him away. H : Who was that, Channel ? C : That was just Bianca's boyfriend. H : You said she didn't have one. C : Yeah, but somehow she's been dating him for like 2 months. H : Hope you know that makes no sense... C : Harry, you've met Bianca, you know how she is. H : Hmhp. Tushai. Then Harry made some weird face, and I burst out laughing. C : you're such a weirdo. H : But you love me. Then Chad came in again, but this time dripping wet and wearing only a towel. He asked if I knew where his clothes were. I looked at him and said ' check Bianca's room.' I turned back to my laptop, and saw Harry's eyes red and puffy. C : Harry what happened? What's the matter? H : Are you cheating on me? C : Harry, I would never cheat on you. After a few minutes of going back at each other, we called it quits. 2 weeks later, me, Bianca, and her family were moving to Ireland.
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