Not You

Channel Diana Peterson used to date Harry Styles when he was on the X-factor. They broke up when they had an argument. But what happens when Channel starts dating Niall Horan? Will tensions rise? What happens when everyone finds out that Channel is one of the boys' long lost sister?


2. Chapter 1: Hey, Niall!

Channel's P.O.V. I laughed at the end of one of my favorite shows, The Neighbors. I got up from the couch when I heard the back door close. I walked into the kitchen and saw Bianca and her new boyfriend, Zayn, talking at the counter, and a blonde boy sitting at the table eating. He was eating McDonald's. ' Hey, B.' I greeted Bianca. ' Sup, Malik!' I exclaimed. ' Hey, C.' Bianca said before she nodded to me, I nodded back. ' Hey, princess.' Zayn replied. Zayn let go of Bianca, and came near me to hug me. ' Hello.' The blonde boy said in a thick Irish accent. ' Oh, yeah. Girls, this is Niall. My bandmate. And Niall, this is my girl, Bianca.' Zayn then pointed to Bianca. ' And this is Channel. Bianca's sister.' Zayn pointed to me. I waved shyly to Niall. He did the same and started blushing. ' Well, Zayn and I are going out tonight. And I didn't want you to be alone Channel. So that's why Niall is here.' Bianca explained. ' Oh, yeah. And the boys are coming over tonight. But we should be back by then.' Zayn remembered. ' Oh, yeah. Thanks for reminding me. Well we're gonna go now. Bye.' Bianca said. She then kissed my cheek, and Zayn kissed my my forehead. They treat me like they're own child, because Bianca's parents died in a car accident. And they were supposed to take care of me when I ran away from home. So as you can say, Zayn acts like my dad and Bianca acts like my mum. After Zayn and Bianca left, me and Niall learned about each other. ' And now sometimes, I'm like a starving beast.' I joked. Niall burst out laughing. He was just about to say something until the front door opened. I turned to see who it was, but when I looked. All I got was stupid memories and him standing in my house.
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