Kasi was an normal girl, until she had the number 1 boy band in the world fall head over heels for her. She dates all of them a few times, or does she? Find out in 'Forever'


9. Chapter 8

The next morning I woke up at 10:00 am, took a shower, and got dressed into this.(above)   I brushed my teeth and did my hair I left it down. My parents were still gone, and my friends are still in Australia. They should have been back by know though. They were supposed to came back last night, and call me when they got back. I hope they are ok. Anyways, I put on some black VANS. I don't really like heels. Then I went downstairs to find Liam sleeping on my couch. How did he get in? I woke him up by shaking him. When he was fully awake I asked," How did you get in?" "Through the window." I he said. "Why did you come over." I asked him, "I wanted to see if you were ok. What he did to you was unforgivable" he said while giving me a hug. " And, he deserved that slap across the face. I'm just saying his face is all red there now, it's kinda funny." he said while chuckling, I did too. "Come on lets go over to mine and the boy's house, you have like no food here." Liam said. "ok" I said back. Then we walked over to there house. We walked in to the kitchen and saw Harry cooking while the other 3 were in the living room waiting for breakfast. "I'll help Harry with breakfast." said to Liam as he walked into the living room. I helped Harry with breakfast, it was done and I was about to call the rest of the boys in when Harry said, " Before you call them in, I just wanted to ask you something, I know this might be a little soon but, will you be my girlfriend?" "Yes!" I squealed and ran into his arms and kissed him. He smiled onto it. we were still kissing when someone came in and asked," Is breakfast almost r..." We turned around and saw

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