Kasi was an normal girl, until she had the number 1 boy band in the world fall head over heels for her. She dates all of them a few times, or does she? Find out in 'Forever'


8. Chapter 7

Kasi's POV

I knocked on the door and Harry came and opened it. he saw me and gave me a hug then asked me, " I don't mean this in a mean way, but why are you here?" "My parents are out of town, my friends are still in Australia and I don't have anyone else to hang out with and there are 5 of you here, and I still like 4 of you." I said. Harry just nodded and let me in. "You look good by the way." Harry said. I just blushed. We walked into the living room and there were the rest of the boys they all looked at me and said, "Dayam" I smiled and sat down next to Harry. We all watched TV in silence. I could feel someone was starring at me, I looked around to see who it was. They all were. When I looked at them they all looked at the TV except for Louis. He kept starring at me. then I got a text. I looked at it, it was from Louis.

From Louis: can we talk

I looked at him then back at my phone. I pushed 'block'. Louis looked down at his phone and saw that I had blocked his number. "Kasi, can we talk, in the kitchen please." Louis said. I looked at him and said, "Why, I have nothing to say to you." the rest of the boys said 'ooooooo' in a deep voice and Louis said, "Can we not do this here" "Fine" I said while getting up and walking to the kitchen.

" I just want to say I am sorry, it didn't mean anything, please forgive me, please, I won't ever do it again, just please forgive me. I don't want to loose you over something stupid like this." Louis pleaded. "You think this is stupid? You slept with another girl, and you weren't even drunk! Do you know how bad this is for the both of us. We will both get hate. I will get it even worse. There was no reason for you to do this." I yelled. I'm pretty sure the boys could here us. He didn't say anything, Louis just looked at the ground. " Did you expect me not to care that you slept with another girl? Did you expect me to stay with you?"I yelled. " I did care that you slept with that bitch." I said "But, I love you" Louis said back "If you really did love me then you wouldn't have had sex with that slut! WE ARE OVER!!!" I yelled and screamed the last part. Then I heard the boys say, 'Ouch'. I fast walked out of the kitchen and was almost all the way out of the living room when Louis grabbed my arm. I slapped him across the face, and said," leave me alone" he let go of my arm and hulled his cheek. the bays said, "Ouch that hurt from here." then I walked out of there house and ran over to mine. I went into my house, locked it, went up to my room, went in, locked I and fell on my bed. That is when I started getting hate saying,' you are so ugly. you couldn't even keep him from cheating on you, you are a waist of space.' and stuff like that.

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