Kasi was an normal girl, until she had the number 1 boy band in the world fall head over heels for her. She dates all of them a few times, or does she? Find out in 'Forever'


7. Chapter 6

******* skip to 1 month after. so September.********

Kasi's POV

I was sitting on the couch wearing the necklace Louis got me for my birthday last month, watching TV. The boys were out at a club celebrating Niall's birthday. I was home alone, my parents were out of town on some business trip. I didn't have anyone to hang out with. It was around midnight right now and I was getting hungry. I went into the kitchen and made popcorn. Then I came back to see I had a notification on twitter. I opened up twitter, opened up the tweet and it read, " @kasi_schultz  I am so sorry. :'(" then I scrolled down to see a picture of Louis and some girl grinding at the club. Then my twitter exploded with pictures of Louis and the same girl making out, grinding, leaving the club together, and getting into Louis car. I started to cry. I was crying really loud and a lot, I mean A LOT. I looked out the window and saw a car pull into the boys' driveway, then saw two people get out. It was Louis and that girl. I started crying harder, if that was possible. I ran up to my room and cried myself to sleep.

I think we all know what happened in the boys' house that night.


I woke up, and went into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, I looked awful, my make up was all smeared and smudged, my eyes were all red and puffy from crying. I looked like a zombie. I took a shower and got dressed into some short jean shorts, a royal blue tank top, put a white knit tank top over that, and some royal blue low cut converse. I brushed my hair out and left it down. I put some make up on, not a lot though. I looked at my self in the mirror, I thought I looked pretty good. My parents were still not home and I didn't have anyone to hang out with. I just had the boys. I just have to get over it and encore him for a while. I walked over to the boys' house. It was like noon so they should be up. 


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