Kasi was an normal girl, until she had the number 1 boy band in the world fall head over heels for her. She dates all of them a few times, or does she? Find out in 'Forever'


12. Chapter 11

Kasi's POV

I was sitting on the couch at my house alone. The boys had an interview somewhere and they were going to be gone for 4 days. it was day 2 without them, and today was the interview.

I was watching the interview, and they answered some questions. Then my name came up. Harry had a smile on his face. they asked Lou about the relationship we have, and he said, " We are just friends now." Then what I didn't expect to see was a picture of Harry and some girl kissing, that I later found out was named Kendal. " How did Kasi fell about this?" the interviewer said. Harry's eyes went wide, and the smile on his face cleared off his face in a second. then her said quietly , " Well... um... she... um... doesn't know... yet." " Oh... and there are rumors that Hendal is going on, am I correct?" the interviewer asked Harry, and he just put his head down and nodded yes. I couldn't believe it. Am I that bad the 2 guys cheated on me? I thought to myself. then I started crying. Soon after, the interview ended and I got a call. I looked at my phone and it was Harry. I declined the call. Then 2 minutes later I got another call. Again, it was Harry. I ignored it like I did the other one. 15 minutes passed and he hasn't stopped calling me. I goy so annoyed that I finally picked up my phone and answered it." What do you want?"   

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