Kasi was an normal girl, until she had the number 1 boy band in the world fall head over heels for her. She dates all of them a few times, or does she? Find out in 'Forever'


11. Chapter 10

Kasi's POV

The movie was over and we decided to watch Toy Story since it was Liam's favorite movie. It was about half way over and Harry pecked my lips with his. Then I climbed onto his lap and started to kiss him. The kiss turned into a make out session and it lasted a long time, until Niall threw a pillow at us and said, " Get a room". me and Harry smiled. then we both got up and walked into his room to continue the make-out session.

Louis' POV

When I saw Harry and Kasi making out I almost lost it. Then Niall threw a pillow at them and told them to get a room I thanked god. then when they got up and went upstairs I was a hair away from exploding. I decided to take Shaye home and just go for a ride by myself to think about things.





A/n short yes I know but at least I updated. I love y'all, bye

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