Opening the Rabbit Hole

Everyone knows the tell tale of Alice but little know the journey of the one who created Wonderland, the one who made the paths, the one who chose Alice's fall. Cassandra, a cunning, young, strong, bold teen who went through so much pain, so much medications and to much madness. With out realizing it she slowly bring her enchanted world to a cruel reality. Never was it meant to be called Wonderland not at all, instead it was suppose to be known as the Rabbit Hole Prison, ironically it was her only escape from her even worse reality.

As Cassandra's mental state starts to increase her problems do too, people say she's crazy and the only one who understands her isn't even born yet, because Alice will have to endure Wonderland too.


1. Before the Asylum

Chapter 1-Before the Asylum

"Cassandra dear do me a favor and go play outside, your father and I have some things to discuss." The fourteen year old's mother requested, being the quiet obedient daughter she was she did as told. She sat on the swing under the big Oak Tree and listened to her mother and father throw insult after insult at each other, it's been this way for weeks on end and she was very nervous about it. The house quieted down a bit as the rain poured and the lighting struck, afraid, she ran inside just as the power went out.

She walked cautiously towards the kitchen knowing that's exactly where her parents were, the room was to dark to see anything, as if on cue the lighting struck again giving her light and she instantly wished that it didn't. For she saw something terrible, her father strike her mother in the chest with a knife instantly killing her, Cassandra's high pitched scream matched her mother's but didn't go unnoticed by her father. He looked at her is eyes bloodshot, his facial hair growing back in crazily, and she could tell he had done drugs and that was what they were always arguing about. "Cassandra sweetie that wasn't really your mother." He said stepping closer to her with the bloody knife in his hand.

"Daddy what'd you mean?" Her voice wavered with fear and she stepped back involuntarily.

"I mean she was another lady in your mother's body, she told me multiple times, MANY times!" He laughed manically tilting his head side to side as if he was hearing music. "But, you already knew that didn't you?" He mumbled to himself, "because you're just like her a fake, a fraud, in my daughters body."

"No daddy I swear it's me, Cassandra it's really me." He nodded in agreement then stabbed himself in the stomach as thunder boomed and lighting crackled against the black sky. He pulled the knife out and stabbed himself again in the chest this time, he fell over and lay lifeless on the kitchen floor.

Cassandra was lost, no idea what to do, her house was secluded no one was in walking distance of the house, and the power was still out, all she could do was sit there. Her tears streamed down her face faster than a race car, she pulled her father's body to her mother's body it took much effort but she managed somehow. She wanted one last feel of a family before it was all taken away from her for good so she laid her small body between her lifeless parents, not caring about the blood on her clothes, whispering "Goodnight mom and dad sweet dreams." With that she snuggled up to her mother's bleeding chest and cried her self to sleep and to madness.


When she awoke the next day the smell of her parents and the blood filled the house and it made her cry even more. Her mind was spinning and the images of last night rushed back to her, she laughed it off and cleaned herself off.

When she finished cleaning herself off she made breakfast for herself, by now the power was on, she ate as she talked to her parents. She told them how much she would miss them and how much she loves them. Once she was done with eating she went out to sit on the swing, and she saw a little white rabbit and she pictured it with a pocket watch and vest yelling about being late for something. She giggled and giggled and soon she felt the whole world shift around her and she could see new things, weird thing, scary things.

For seven days she did the same routine and soon she was talking to the rabbit, that she some how managed to catch and keep captive in her room. The rabbit told her how to create a new world of wonder, in return she told the rabbit how she would create the perfect rabbit hole for him.

On the eighth day the closest neighbor who lived an hour, by car and two hours by foot, away stopped by finding it weird that she hasn't seen the happy family of three taking their usual family walk. She found the bodies quickly for the smell was a dead give away, she soon found Cassandra sitting on her pink bed with a dead rabbit in her arms laughing and talking to it as if it were a human. Horrified by the sight she called the authorities and they too were horrified by the girl and the bodies.

They made Cassandra tell the story of the night eight days before and her version was crazy. She told the police that a man with a tall green hat poisoned their tea glasses while, a crazy cat that didn't stop smiling attacked her and tried to eat her heart. "So a weird hat man and a crazed cat?" The chief of police laughed.

"NO THE MAD HATTER AND THE CHESHIRE CAT!" She shouted, she refused to let the rabbit go.

"Cassandra how old are you?" The sheriff asked his final question for the asylum submission paper.

"I'm fourteen." She quietly replied holding on to the rabbit tighter as if it was it her only life line, the irony lost to her. The cops had to drag the girl out with force and she fought to stay where her world of magic, of surprise, and of wonders was created, saying without her being where it all started her Wonderworld would fall apart at the seams. No one believed her, only thought her to be crazy boy were they wrong.



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