Trust Me (A Niall Horan Love Story)

Rose Sanchez has just escaped her abusive ex-boyfriend Zach. She runs and soon realizes she can't run any further. She knocks on the door to the house she stops in front of. The woman who answers the door is Maura, Niall's mother. The two meet and Rose immediately trusts Niall, but she still won't tell him what happened to her. Niall developed feelings for her and she does the same for Niall. Soon she tells him her past with her boyfriend. What will Niall think? Would they trust each other or will there be a betrayal that breaks their bond of trust?


2. Chapter One

I woke up to the constant buzzing of my phone.


Well that's weird.


Zach hasn't come in yet to call me a whore, I thought. Then it hit me.


I wasn't at home.


I was with Maura and Niall.


I ran away last night. Oh yeah.


Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.


"Ugh. Who is it?" I mumbled as I stretched my arms out in front of me. Kicking the blankets off, I grabbed my phone. 


I had 14 missed calls and 73 unread text messages.


Each one was from Zach. I sat on the edge of the bed and started going through the texts.


From Zach:

Where the fuck are you?


From Zach:

Get home. NOW.


From Zach:

You're getting it even worse next time.


From Zach:



"Dude. Chill." I muttered to myself.


He was so loving.


Note the sarcasm.


I decided not to read the rest of the threats and listened to a couple of calls instead.


Bad. Idea.


'Rose, I don't know where you are, but I will find you.'


'I swear to God, Rose. You're in BIG trouble when I find you.'


I shuddered. What did he mean by 'big trouble'? a million thoughts flashed through my mind. Each one worse than the other.


'Not answering, huh? You better you slut.' I decided not to listen to anymore and put my phone in my bra.




I did just do that.


Where do you expect me to put it?


Bras are like pockets by your boobs. Get over it.


I walked over to my suitcase and put some grey sweatpants on.


Maybe I should do my hair, I thought. Nah. I'm good. I heard voices downstairs. 


"Go wake her. I'm leaving, so you'll have to spend some time together." I recognized that voice as Maura.


"Okay. I'll be back." I heard Niall say. I ran out of my room and onto the staircase.


"No need to wake me. I'm up." I said. Niall was already at the bottom of the staircase when I said that.


"Oh. Okay." He said before turning around and heading off someplace else.




Sorry I woke up before you could wake me.


 I watched Maura as she packed her purse. "Not to be nosy or anything, but where are you going Maura?" I asked. I wasn't stupid. She was going to work. I just wanted to know what she did.


"I'm a nurse, honey. I work at the Radley Mental Institution." I nodded.


"Oh. Okay. Is it nice there?" I asked. She stopped packing her purse up.


"Well, sometimes. Sometimes it's sad. Some of the patients there have no one. It's really quite sad actually." She said with a faint smile. I nodded.


"Okay. Well, uh...bye." I said as I walked down the rest of the stairs slowly. Maura slipped on her shoes and walked towards the door. I was suddenly aware of the presence to my left. Niall. I turned to face him.


"Hi." He said. I nodded, which earned a chuckle from him.


"Bye you two. I won't be back until late, but I love you both. Niall, do not make a mess. Rose, I trust that you'll watch Niall. I have to go. Bye." She waved as she headed out the door.


"Bye!" I called.


"Ugh. I don't need a babysitter, Mum!" Niall yelled. I giggled.


"I'm not going to babysit you." I said quietly. I looked down and played with my fingers.


"I know," Niall said. "Would you like some food?" he asked.




More than anything, I thought.


"No thank you." I replied. He stared at me.


"Really?" I nodded. He shrugged.


"Whatever." He mumbled.


It wasn't my fault. It was Zach's. I followed Niall down a hallway and into the kitchen. As soon as we stepped into the kitchen, he was raiding the fridge for food.


"So..........," I said. Niall laughed as he continued to search for food.


"So.....," He said. I smiled. He turned around and placed the contents he found on the counter. He grabbed a plate out of a cupboard and started to make a sandwich.


My god.


Could he be anymore adorable?!


Oh god.


I'm so weird.



"Hey uh...will you tell me now?" he asked hesitantly. I sighed. I knew he would ask this. I just knew it. I don't know if I should tell him. Fuck it. He needs to know.


"Well....uh. What do you want to hear?" I hesitated. He stopped making his sandwich and looked at me.


"Hey. Relax. Okay?" I nodded. He walked forward and slowly wrapped his arms around me, careful not to frighten me as I had flinched when he had tried to shake my hand. I hugged him back. He was so warm. His hugs are amazing.


They're so warm.


So cozy.




He rubbed my hair as he whispered in my ear. "We'll take this slowly. Okay? One piece of information at a time. Just until you're finished. How does that sound?" I nodded. He pulled away, with his arms still around me, and looked me in the eyes.


Damn you.


So perfect.


So hot.


So warm.


So nice.


It's not fair.


"Alright. Let's start." I nodded to him, telling him to continue. "Okay. First, where did you get those bruises," he asked.


Knew it.


"Well. You ex...he used to hit me. Like, all the time. For no reason." His eyes softened and his grip tightened. "I loved him. I loved him so much that I thought I deserved to be punished. Now, I hate him. He used to call me names, too. I'm not good enough." By this point, a few tears were streaming down my face. His face was red and he looked angry.


"You are good enough though. You are to me." He said as he hugged me tightly. I smiled, not a fake one like usual, but a real one.


"Thank you, Niall." I said. I felt him nod against my head. He pulled away and walked towards his sandwich. "May I hear some more tomorrow," he asked as if I were to get angry if he said it too loud. I nodded.


"Of course. Thank you for letting me tell you." I said.


"No problem. I'm just glad you trust me."




Okay. I'm sorry. I would've updated this sooner, but I got grounded bc I'm a stupid shit who has marker wars at school. Oh. Sorry this chapter wasn't very long and it was shit. Yeah. I added a lot of paragraph thingies bc I wanted it to be 'longer'. Yeah. Oh. Story of my Life is perf.


That's all.




-Panda xx

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