My Cinderella Story ( Justin Bieber story )

" Dad , what happened to the princess and the prince ?" I asked my father . My father had always read me stories , but this one caught my attention .
" Well , they lived happily ever after . " He said shutting the fairytale book .
" Do you think I'll find my prince someday dad ?" I asked , looking up at him . He smiled .
" I think you will . Your a princess , princesses have to have a prince ." He assured me , I smiled .
" Honey let me tell you something else ." my father said taking a seat on my bed .
" Whenever you figure out your dream , go chase it . Don't give up babygirl . " He said kissing me on the head , and walking out of the room .
I wonder , when will my prince come ?


2. " Hell , they can hate me I've got the hottest girl in school"

I sat in school thinking about the names everybody had called me after me and Justin's little talk .



Many more circled in my head , but only one statement was stuck there .

Her dad probably commited suicide because he didn't want an daughter like her .

I wasn't that bad of a daughter was I ? Maybe sometimes I didn't pick up my clothes , or I forgot to brush my teeth , but I wasn't that bad , was I ? I wasn't bad enough for my dad to kill himself . No , I saw him go help my step mother , he didn't kill himself . 

I sighed and grabbed my bag , and headed out to my car . Many people laughed , and just pointed at me . I looked up from the ground and saw Justin's friends coming towards me , but no Justin . I panicked and turned around walking the same speed I was , to make it look like I didn't notice .

Of course , they came up and grabbed my bookbag off my back .

" Can I have my bag back please?" I asked . They all laughed and threw it in the nearby trash can .

" You think you can just be friends with Justin?" I heard a voice say , I turned around and saw his one and only girlfriend .

" I actually didn't want to be his friend , he came and talked to me." I said rolling my eyes.

" Roll your eyes again , I dare you." She said .

I rolled them again and smiled .

" I did what I was told .'' I said smirking . She smiled , then slapped me across the face . I was on the ground , but that hadn't stopped them . Everybody was kicking me , all over my body , and pain was all I could feel .

" HEY!" a voice shouted . I looked up and saw Justin .

" What the hell are you idiots thinking ?" Justin said bending down next to me .

" Justy I thought she was taking you away from me ." Amber said .

" Don't call me Justy. And she couldn't take me away from you ." Justin said looking at Amber.

" I already left you ." Justin said and looked back down at me .

" Are you okay ?" He asked .

" What does it look like Justin ?" I snapped . He frowned and helped me up , by then everybody was gone . 

" I'm really sorry Samantha ." He said looking down.

" You didn't do anything ? I was the one who snapped at you ." I said .

" It's okay , I mean I was the one who talked to you ." Justin said .

" Do you regret it ?" I asked .

" Regret talking to you ?" 

i nodded my head .

" NO of course not . You're really nice , and a great person . I should be hanging out with people like you." Justin said softly .

" Thanks ." I said smiling .

" Of course ." He smiled back . " So are you really okay?" 

" Yeah I just have a brusie-" 

" No , are you okay emotionally ?" He asked

" Um.. No not really ." I said looking down.

" What did they say ?" 

" They told me my dad probably killed himself , because he had an ugly daughter like me . And that I was a disappointment."  I said , I tried to hold back the tears but I couldn't.

" Shh come here ." Justin said wrapping his arms around me . I dug my head into his chest and cried .

" Hey , shhh , you are not ugly." 

I looked up at him , shocked.

" Really?"

" Samantha , your beautiful . " He said .

" No I'm not ." I said .

" Yes you are ! Samantha , I use to have a crush on you ! Now tell me your not beautiful ?!" 

I froze.

" Y-You use to have a crush on me?" I asked him.

" Well um , y-yeah . I kinda still do ."  he said blushing . I rose my eyebrows and he sighed.

" Okay fine , I still have a really big crush on you ." He said blushing . 

The hottest guy in school has a crush on me ?

I thought to myself .

" Yes he does ." Justin said laughing .

" Did I say that out loud ?" I asked .

" So I'm the hottest guy in school huh ?'' he smirked . I blushed .

" Don't worry , you've always been the hottest girl in school to me babe ." He said .

I melted , babe.

" Thank you ." I said sweetly .

He grabbed my hand and smiled .

" You can't be friends with me ." I said .

" Why not ?"

" All of your friends will hate you ." 

" Hell , they can hate me . I've got the hottest girl in school ." 

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