Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


5. Chapter 5



Evellyn's P.O.V


I got up and got ready for the Ellen Show, I couldn't wait i loved Ellen she always made me laugh. I checked the time and it was 12:15  and i had to be there in 30 min. I got in my car and drove off. When i got there i was greeted by Justin T. ''Evellyn, Your On Time'' he said joking. '' Hey at least i showed up'' i said laughing. ''Well you look great'',  "Thanks'' i said. Then the producer guy came up to us .  "Ok so when Ellen says your name you come out ok'', "Ok'' i said nodding my head. Ellen was in her chair and was introducing herself. "Ok now we have a special guest with us today The Beautiful Miss. Evellyn". I came out and waved at the audience and they roared with cheers. i sat down in the chair. "So nice to Meet you Evellyn",  "Nice to meet you too" i said smiling. Ok so before we start with the interview i want to show and tell you something".  "Is that ok" she said. "Yeah Sure'',  "Ok So we did a project.... and the first time i saw a picture of you i was like this girl is Beautiful'' .  "Aww thanks'',  "Your welcome so then i was like how about we video tape male celeberties around your age and see thier reaction and so here are the reactions" she said pointing at the screen.  I looked at the screen and there was Jaden With his mouth opened then it went to Justin and he was bitting his lip. "So here are the boys that think your attractive Jaden Smith, Justin Bieber Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson and many more".  "Oh crackers'' i said. "hahahaha honey they like you'' Ellen said.

''Ok So the question everyone is dying to know is who do you like" . ''Well right now i'm really focused on my music and i just got out of a relationship about 4 weeks ago so maybe the right guy will come''. "Ok then, Guys heres your answer and that's all the time we have".  I waved goodbye and blew a kiss in the camera and the audience and they cheered.

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