Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


4. Chapter 4



Evellyn's P.O.V


I finally go to Justin's House and was immediately surrounded with Papparazi and bodygaurds. I got off my car and was almost gonna go blind with all the flashes.


Papparazi: Evellyn Evellyn

Bodygaurd: back off

i tried smiling in the pictures so they didn't think i was a grumpy person. I finally got inside and immediatly smelled acohol and people were already dancing like crazy. Then somone tapped my shoulder, I turned around and saw justin. ''OH Hey Justin'',

''Hi Evellyn'', He said hugging me. ''You look amazing!!'',  ''Thanks you do too''.

''Thanks, Aye i want you to meet some people'' he said taking me to his kitchen. There was 6 guys talking and 3 girls. ''Hey Guys'' justin said and then they all turned around and the 6 boys mouth dropped. And I smiled. ''Guys This is Evellyn, Evellyn this Jaden, Ryan, Chaz,Lil Za, Lil twist, Alfredo, Miley, Demi and Ariana'' justin said introducing them to me. ''Hi Evellyn !!'' they all said at the same time, Then Jaden came up to me and whispered in my ear. ''Justin said you were pretty but he didn't say you were Beautiful'' i blushed and smiled. ''He didn't say sexy either'' ryan said winking at me. "Nope He didn't!!"  Lil za and Lil twist and Alfredo said at the same time. Then justin spoke, ''Can i talk to you guys for a minute , Excuse us'' He said taking them away. ''Soooo'' Miley, Demi and Ariana said at the same time. ''Your new here'',

 ''yeah i am''. We started talking and laughing for about 5 minutes. ''I'll Be right back I'm gonna get a drink''.  ''Ok hurry, Back''. I left and started looking for the drinks but  then i bumped into a boy and almost fell but the boy  catched me. ''Wow'' the person said, '' I'm sorry'' i said ,

about to leave but then they boy grabbed my hand gently. ''its ok'' he said letting go of my hand, '' What's your name Beautiful''. ''Evellyn'' i said stuttering. ''Well nice to meet you Evellyn, my name is Austin'' he said kissing my hand.



Justin's P.O.V


I took the guys somewhere evellyn couln't hear us. ''Woow what's your problem'' jaden said. ''You guys are the problem'' , ''What did we do bro'' ryan said. ''You guys are flirtiing with Evellyn that's what'' i said really mad now. ''Why do you care your not dating her are you??''.  ''No'' i said sad. ''I call dips then'' jaden said raising his hand. ''No No one calls dips'',

''I see guys some one likes Evellyn'' He said making a kissey face. I Just rolled my eyes. ''Well if you like Evellyn you better get her before Austin Does'' Ryan said pointing in the dance floor. I looked and saw Austin kissing her hand. I felt anger boil up inside me and walked over to them. ''Evellyn'' i said sad. She turned around and saw me ''Yes''. ''Can we talk'',  ''Sure Bye Austin'' she said waving at Austin. ''Bye Evellyn''. We walked away from Austin .Thank god and then she spoke. ''So what did you wanna talk about'',  ''Uhhmm, How are you liking the party'' I said. She giggled and smiled ''The party is good''. Good thing she was liking the party. ''Do you want something to drink" i asked. "Yes water'',  ''Ok water coming right up'' she laughed and i gave her the water. '' Thanks'' ,  "Your welcome''. I was about to ask her to dance when jaden comes. "Hey Evellyn, want to dance'' he said. ''Sure'' she said then was about to leave then she grabbed my hand. ''Come dance''. ''No  you go dance'' i said sad. '' No Not without you'' she said. ''Fine'' we went to the dancefloor and then jaden came up to me. '' I wouldn't steal her don't worry, she's all yours'' he said leaving me and Evellyn alone. We started dancing for about 10 minutes and saw the guys smirking at us and making kissey faces, but good thing she didn't see.


''What time is it Justin'' she asked. ''Its 12'',  '' I have to go''.  ''Sleep over'' i said desperatly.  '' I can't i have an interview tomorrow'',  ''Ok then''.  ''Next time i promise, Bye'',  "Bye'' she left and so did other people. The party was over and it was just Me, Demi, Miley, Ariana, Alfredo,Lil Za, Ryan, chaz and Jaden. ''So is she single" Ryan asked. "I don't know'' i said. " I hope she is'' jaden said. " Why don't we search her up'' Chaz said. ''Good Idea'' i said taking out my phone. ''I got it'' Miley said. "SO is she single" jaden said. "hold you horse" miley said a little annoyed. " Ok according to this she is single, uuhhhmm her last relationship was 4 weeks ago'' miley said. ''Hey Justin wasn't it 4 weeks ago when selena broke up with you'' ryan said. ''yeah it was'' i said. ''Here theres a picture of her Ex'' miley said. ''Click on it'' Ariana said. "okk, Guys i don't think she'll go out with any of you guys'' miley said. ''Whyy'' all of the boys said at the same time. '' Ariana ,Demi Look at her ex'' she said showing them the picture. "omg her boyfriend is freaking hot'' ariana said. ''Here guys look'' miley said showing us the picture. ''We have no chance'' Jaden said making a sad face. ''Why did they break up'' Alfredo said. ''It Doesn't say''. '' I know'' demi said raising her hand. '' Why did they break up'' ryan said. '' She told me that they weren't going good and that he was always rude, that's why they broke up''. ''Just like selena'' i said. ''Well were gonna go'' Miley said then she left with Ariana, and Demi. ''Were leaving too'' ryan said leaving with Alfredo, Lil Za, chaz and jaden. "bye'' They all said at the same time.


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