Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


36. Chapter 36



Evellyn's P.O.V

The next day was strange my lips had a burning sensation when I kissed Justin on the cheek, it was weird but I shook it off. I got up from my bed and started packing because scooter said we were leaving to Colorado. After 20 min of packing I jumped into the shower and changed into some comfortable clothes but still cute. I blow dried my hair and put on a natural lip color and put on a little mascara because my lashes were already long. I heard a door knock and went over to open it and saw Jaden, Miley,Ryan, Chaz,Demi, lil Za, Ariana and Justin. They were all dressed up and just barged in and left me by myself standing by the door. "Yeah come in" I said and closed the door and went over to them. "What are you guys doing here" I asked and sat next to Demi, there was a knock on the door and Ariana jumped up and rushed quickly to open the door. "Room service is here" she yelled and everyone quickly got up and got their food and I just sat there. "Here Ev we couldn't forget you" Justin said handing me a plate of waffles with whipped cream and fruits. "Thanks Justin" I smiled and he winked and began eating his food. After everyone ate their food, scooter came and told us the tour buses were waiting for us and we all got our luggage and left to the back of the hotel just so some fans wouldn't spot us. "Ok so the girls get Their own bus and the boys their own" scooter looked at us and I studied the busses and said "JT told me that the red bus had cable and wifi" and the boys looked at me and rushed to the red bus and the Miley said "Why did you say that, now the boys got the better bus" she whined, I looked at scooter and I smiled "You are a evil little lady" scooter said and chuckled and I smiled and dragged the girls into the purple bus. When they got in they gasped, "I thought the... Boys" Demi said stuttering "I tricked them" i said and Ariana said "Up top sista"and gave me a high five. We all sat down In the mini couch and turned on the T.V. "What do you think the guys did after they found out they have no cable and wifi" I said looking at the t.v, " I don't know but I wish I was there to see it" Miley Said laughing. After hours of watching T.V, we were all hungry. "Do you guys think there is any food in this bus I'm starving" Ariana looked at her stomach with a sad face and I got up from the couch. "Let's see their is a lot of cabinets so there must be food" I opened the mini fridge and it had sodas and lots of good drinks "There's only drinks, check that fridge" I said and Ariana opened it and gasped "Omg it's like heaven in here" I went over to where she was and there was cake and a lot of good foods in there. "How about the cabinets" Demi said and opened it and she said "Guys this bus is heaven, there's cookies, candy and chips" me and Ariana, Miley and Demi checked the other cabinets and there were a lot of good food. "Guys look there is one last cabinet that we didn't open it's in the bottom of the T.V" Miley said and opened it, "Guys there's popcorn bags and movies" Miley shrieked and we were all surprised. "This is the best tour bus I've ever been" Ariana said and we all nodded, "now I feel bad for the guys" I looked at the girls and Ariana said "we can always invite them in", "Your right now let's eat" I said putting my hand in the air and we all made our own food and ate, I made a turkey sandwich and got a mini bag of chips and Miley made herself some hot pockets and chips as well and Ariana made macaroni for her and Demi as we were all eating our foods I decided to call Justin.

Justin's P.O.V

When me and the boys got in the bus it was horrible it had no T.V and no wifi, Evellyn tricked us she is so evil. We all spotted A connection and we were all trying to get the connection so we can charge our phones and we pushed each other to try to connect our phones. My phone rang and I looked at the caller ID and it was Evellyn, i looked at the guys and said "You guys be quite its Evellyn she's calling" they all got up from the ground and stayed quite and I answered it. "Hey Evellyn" i said nervous, "Hey Justin I just wanted to call and see of everything is alright in your guys bus" she sounded worried. "Yeah it's cool I guess we just don't have any food just vegetables and ughh" I said looking through the cabinets, "well I'm sorry I was just wondering when we get off the road if you and the boys want to got bowling after the concert" I looked at the guys and they nodded their big heads yes, "Yeah were down" I said, "Oh and you guys are welcomed in our bus it has everything just when we get off the road" , "Yeah Yeah and thanks", "Your welcome babe" she said and I can tell she was teasing me again, I blushed and the guys were making kissing faces and hearts and Ryan said " Justin and Evellyn sitting In a ..." I covered his mouth and the phone and said "shut up Ryan" and the boys laughed and I said back in the phone "Sorry about that Evellyn it was just Ry.." She interrupted , "it's fine and I got to go she said laughing a bit. I smiled and said "Bye" and hanged up. "I'm gonna get you guys later" I said laughing, "Dude you should've seen your face it was red like a tomato" Za said laughing between each word he said. "Dude she's playing hard to get" Jaden said smiling, "Get at her dude before someone does, I swear you guys would make a cute couple and that's coming from the guy that wants her but I'll give you the chance" Jaden said shrugging, "It's just every time I'm near her I get so nervous and she teases me so much I just want to kiss her and make her mine" I sighed, "Don't worry we will help you get her" Chaz And Alfredo said at the same time. "Well justin you should rest because you have a concert" Alfredo said and I nodded and went into the room the bus had and slept with Evellyn on my mind.

Evellyn's P.O.V

When I was on the phone with justin I heard Ryan say "Justin and Evellyn sitting in a" then justin told Ryan to be quite and I started laughing and he apologized and we said goodbye and hanged up. "Well I invited the guys bowling and to come in our bus anytime when were off the road and yeah I'm tired Im gonna get some sleep" I yawned, "Yeah have some rest you have a concert in a couple of hours" Miley said and I nodded and went to sleep in the room.

Miley's P.O.V

Me , Demi and Ariana were watching T.V and Evellyn was sleeping, my phone ranged and it was Alfredo I answered it "Hello Fredo" I said, "Hey Miley Is Evellyn with you", "She's sleeping Why" I said biting my nail. "Ok good me and the boys want to get Evellyn and Justin together but we need your help and Demi's and Ariana's so are you guys in" I bit my lip and said "Hold on Fredo" I looked at Demi and Ariana and they said "What" at the same time, "Fredo wants To get Justin and Evellyn together are you guys in" they nodded happily and I said to Fredo "Yup their in", "Great" he said. I put him on speaker and we all talked on the phone for about 20 min planning on how we are gonna get Evellyn and justin as a couple. "Ok so when we get back to L.A deal" I said to Fredo on the phone, "yes" and we hanged up and I looked at Demi and Ariana and we shrieked of excitement and Demi said "We can't tell any of them the plan or else" she pointed at us and we nodded. This is gonna be interesting.

Evellyn's P.O.V

I was in the beach and admiring the sunset and I was wearing a white summer dress and my hair was curly. As I sat there in the sand looking at the sunset a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist and I could recognize the hands immediately because of the tattooes on his left arm. "Hey babe" the guy said and kissed my cheek and I smiled, "Hey baby". We both stared at the sunset until he stood up and took out his hand for me to grab, I accepted it and we both were standing but I still couldn't see his face, he gently removed my hair out of the way with his hand and tucked it behind my ear and I was facing the ground and he kissed the top of my head and said "everything is gonna be alright baby I love you to the moon and back and more", "I love you too To the moon and back and more" I said and I can tell he smiled and hugged me and I felt so protected when he hugged me and I didn't want to let go but eventually he did and slowly lifted my chin. Then I woke up. My heart was pumping fast and I was sweating, "It was just a dream" I said to myself, but it felt so real. I got off The bed and went over to the mini living room were the girls were. "Oh hey there sleepy head good thing you woke up we just got here in Colorado" Demi said then studied me and walked over to me "Whoa your sweating are you alright" I nodded and said "Yeah I had a crazy dream that's all", "What was it about" she asked and I said "it was about.." Then scooter came in "Hey Evellyn are you ready to get ready for the concert" I half smiled "Yeah" I walked over to were he was, "Are you guys gonna come" I said looking at the girls. "No but good luck" Miley said and smiled, "Break a leg baby girl" Demi and Ariana said at the same time and I giggled, "Thanks" and me and scooter walked out and we were walking into the arena until I spotted some fans That didn't have any tickets for the concert and I can tell because they were screaming and crying and weren't near the line, I stopped and looked at scooter and he nodded. Good thing I had 10 tickets for the concert as I was walking towards them, the group of 8 girls that were crying and screaming spotted me and scooter and started crying more and screaming my name. I jogged over to them with scooter and I smiled. "Hey beautifuls do you guys have any tickets for the concert" I said, they shook their heads no and I took out the tickets and they started crying even more than before. "Well here is a present for you guys because I love you guys a lot" I gave them the tickets and they all said thanks. "We love you Evellyn" they said and I smiled and said "I love you guys more" I couldn't stop smiling, "Can we take a picture with you" one of the girls said "Of course" the girl gave me the phone so I can take the picture with them and I said "Scooyer you too" he shook his head and all the girls said "yeah" and he finally joined and we took several pictures. "Well I have to go and here are 2 extra tickets to give out to some fans that don't have tickets" they grabbed the tickets and I said "I hope you guys enjoy the show" I blew them a kiss and jogged over to the arena to get ready and scooter stayed with the fans.

Scooter's P.O.V

I stayed with the fans and one of them whispered in my ear "Tell justin to make Evellyn happy I know they are in love with each other" I smiled and nodded "I'll tell him" they all smiled and after I left to the arena to go check up on Evellyn and Justin to make sure they were ready.

Justin's P.O.V

I was warming up my voice and drinking water, I was backstage and I could hear all the screaming fans which made me more motivated. I finally got on stage and this concert was strange in a way me and Evellyn were dancing and I felt a strange connection. There was a part where I had to carry her in the song and as I did it and put her down I looked into her eyes and she did in mine, I felt warm looking into her eyes and I pulled her close to me and the crowd went wild and our lips were only inches apart and I was singing while my hand was on her waist and I looked at her and she winked and turned around and started singing facing our fans. I licked my lips and smiled and started singing. I can tell she had a lot of energy. The concert was finally over and we said goodbye to the fans. I dranked my water bottle and wiped of the sweat with a towel, "Great show Bieber" Evellyn said taking a sip of her water bottle, "Couldn't have done it without you" I smiled and she giggled, her giggles are so cute I admired her. "Well Bieber you should get ready to go bowling" she said and walked into her dressing room.

Evellyn's P.O.V

I changed into my regular clothes and walked out of the dressing room and saw justin there. " ready" I said, and he said "I was born ready babe" he winked and I rolled my eyes and said "well let's go" we walked out of the arena and into the buses to call the guys and girls. We got in my bus and everyone was there and quickly stopped talking and looked at us "are you guys ready to go bowling" I said and they nodded and got up and walked out and I was surprised a bit I guess. Scooter ordered us a limo I don't know why and we all got in and the limo guy took us to the bowling place. Everyone was quite the whole ride there. When we got there the place was huge and the lights were turned off (think of the place in the music video baby lol) and there was night lights. We walked over to the counter and the guy gave us our bowling shoes and we put them on. We got to our spot and I sat down in the table where we were going to bowl and so did the girls. "Are you guys gonna play" Jaden asked, "Yeah you guys play for a bit" they all shrugged and started playing justin was beating the guys and I smiled at the girls and they knew what I was gonna do. I got up and grabbed a bowling ball and said "My Turn" and I positioned myself and I could tell justin was checking me out. I rolled the ball and it hit all the pins "that's how it's done" I said and sat again, and justin licked his lip. We had a great time and I beat justin, let's just say more than once. We left the place and the limo was waiting for us and we got in. Once again silence until Miley broke it "So did you guys have fun in the concert" I nodded and so did justin. They have been acting strange I wonder what's up with them.

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