Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


34. Chapter 34


Evellyn's P.O.V


JT and Scooter left and it was just me and Justin, There was an awkward silence between me and justin. He scratched the back of his neck, "Uhmm I'll be next door if you need anything just come and call me" I nodded and he did his famous bieber smile. I sighed and started unpacking. after about 30 min I changed into some sweats and a sports bra and put on my hoodie, I went to open the door and call justin and saw him like he was about to knock on the door and I burst into laughter "Your too funny bieber" I catched my breath and he said "Yeah Yeah", "You ready" I chuckled and he nodded his head. I started walking and he catched up to me, we both headed to the elevator and pressed the button as we waited for the elevator to come I felt justin trying to reach for my hand but then sighed and tapped his feet, I tried saying something but nothing came out seconds later the elevator opened and we both got in and he pressed the down arrow and the elevator doors closed. "Are you ready for tonight's concert" he put his hands in his pockets "Yes and I'm gonna give our fans the best night" I smiled at the thought and he chuckled "well I'm glad" he smiled "You should probably put on your glasses before someone notices you" I winked and the elevator doors opened and I got out. He put on his sun glasses And we both walked out of the hotel and headed to the stadium where the concert was gonna because it wasn't that far, As we were walking there was an ice cream shop we both looked at each other and smiled and ran toward the little shop as I was running faster than him and I looked behind and saw him running behind him picking  up his pants and running , he looked like a running penguin. I finally got to the stand and got in and ordered his favorite ice cream in a cone and also mine, I paid for it and waited outside for justin to get here as I ate mine he finally came and gasped for air "yes I beat you" I raised my ice cream cone and gave him his ice cream "You took too long I just decided to buy the ice cream" I shrugged "You didnt have to buy me one" he licked his ice cream "But I did and I wanted to" he smiled and so did I as we walked to the arena Scooter made us rehearse right away. As we rehearses the last song justin kept staring at me not like the creepy kind of way but like checking me out, "Ok you guys can Take a break" JT screamed and I went over to the edge of the stage and sat down and dranked my water bottle I sat there then justin came and sat next to me "Do you mind if I sit here" he looked at me and I smiled "No" I closed the tap of my water bottle and justin wiped his sweat. "I need to speak guys" Scooter came to us, "Am I in trouble" my eyes got big and he chuckled "Not this time" he smiled weakly and I sighed of excitement. "Me and JT want to take you guys to a fancy restruant after the concert for a celebration of the tour" he looked at us and waited for our response "Yeah I think its a great idea" justin said and I nodded. "Great I have a dress for you to wear for dinner and its hanged in your fitting room and justin we picked your outfit out so don't dare wearing something else" Scooter looked at Justin and I giggled, "So go get ready for the concert it starts In 2 hours before we let the fans come in" we both jumped up and I headed to my dressing room and justin in his. They did my make up and I changed into the out fit I was gonna wear for the Concert and decided to take a picture of myself and upload it on instagram. Caption photo- Ready for tonights concert. I got a lot of likes and logged off and looked at myself In the mirror. There was a knock on the door "Come in" Justin walked in, "Show is about to start" I nodded and headed out. I could hear the fans from all the way back stage I smiled and headed to the stage "Is Florida ready for tonight" the fans screamed and I sang Roar by Katy Perry after I finished the song justin came on stage and we sang that power. After a lot of singing we finished the concert  I said goodbye to my fans and I went backstage amd changed into my dress and took my hair out of the pony tail and brushed it straight. I got out of the dressing room and saw Scooter there, "Wow the dress looks amazing" he smiled and looked at me "Aww thanks Scoot" I smiled and then justin came. He smiled at me and so did I.



Justin's P.O.V


I got out of my dressing room and saw evellyn and scooter, I came to them and smiled at Evellyn and she smiled back, she looked so gorgeous. We went over to the car and JT drove is to the restraunt. It looked really fancy, We got in the restraunt and a blonde women with a short dress and her boobs almost sticking out even though she didnt have any she came to us. "Hello I'm Madison and I'll be your waitress" she bit her lip and smiled at me I didnt want to be rude so I smiled back, she took us to the table and gave us our menu. I can tell Evellyn was a little annoyed by her because she gave Evellyn a bitch stare. We looked at the menu and evellyn spoke "I would like some spaghetti and meat balls and a glass of water" she closed the menu and smiled at Madison and Madison gave her a rude stare. I wanted to go over her and yell at her but I stayed calm and said "I would like the same" I stared at her and she smiled. "And for you sir's" she looked at scooter and JT and told her what they wanted, she smiled at me seductively and left. I saw Evellyn roll her eyes and scooter whispered something in her ear and she smiled. We talked and then Madison came back with the food, she placed my plate on the table and was showing her boobs at me and winked at me, she then gave Scooter and JT thier plates and then practically threw Evellyn's Plate and smiled evilly and started to walk away, "Uhmm Blondie can you give us your finest wine" scooter looked at her and she rolled her eyes and walked away. I looked over at Evellyn and she had a little spaghetti sauce on her dress "I'm gonna go to the bathroom and clean up" she got up and left. Stupid Madison I wanted to slap her so bad but I couldn't I don't hit girls, "Slut" jt whispered and then Madison came back with the wine, "Here" she placed the wine in front of me and said "Do you need anything else" she did the fakest smile and I saw evellyn coming towards the table, "Uhm no and hurry on out of here before the lady comes" Scooter said and she walked away with an attitude.



Evellyn's P.O.V


That waitress Madison threw my plate and spaghetti sauce landed on my dress and went to the bathroom to clean up. As I walked out of the bathroom Madison was talking to them and then walked away from them pissed and saw me and sticked the middle finger at me and I just smiled. When I got to the table I sat down and Scooter said "Did she do something to you", "No just sticked out her bony ass finger at me" I said taking a sip of my water. They all laughed and we ate and had a good time, JT opened the wine and gave me a cup and justin then took it back "Forgot you guys are underage" he dranked it and smiled at me "Hahaha very funny" I finished my spaghetti and the girl Madison came back. "Would you guys like some dessert" she looked at me, scooter and JT then at justin, "How about you Justin I'll give you your own special after" she winked at him and scooter stood up, "Uhmm how about you leave and go find another victim and stop showing us what you don't have and act like a lady before we call a complain to the manager and sorry but this guy's heart is already taken so bye" scooter said pointimg at justin. I looked over at Madison and she left angry, "Thanks Scooter" justin said and i smiled. We were leaving the restraunt until I said "Wait I forgot to do something" I went over to Madison and gave her a dollar, "Here buy yourself something Nice" Madison stood there shocked and I left smiled at madison and came over to justin, scooter, and JT and we all burst into laughter. 


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