Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


32. Chapter 32


Evellyn's P.O.V


I got ready for the movies and got a text message from Miley. 

Miley: Hey girly me, Ariana and Demi are gonna pick you up in 5 so be ready (:

I texted her back 

Me: KK :* 

She instantly replied back 

Miley: See ya soon 


I turned off my phone and went downstairs, I grabbed a water bottle out of my fridge and dranked it. I heard a car horn and knew it was miley, I grabbed my purse from the couch and headed out. I got In the car and they greeted me. "Hey Girl" they all said at the same time, "Hey loves" I said and we all cracked up laughing. We left and demi turned on the radio, the song love more was passing and we were singing along. We laughed and sang the whole car ride, we finally go there and saw the guys waiting outside for us. We got off the car and walked over to them and said hi to each other and walked over to the ticket lady. "I'll have 10 tickets for the hunger games catching fire" I said to the lady, she looked at me and almost screamed "Omg your Evellyn" she said really happy. I nodded my head and smiled, "I love you and your music, can you sign this" she said handing me her notebook. "Sure" I signed it and gave it back to her, "Thank you soo much", "No problem and I love you to" I said and she almost cried. "Don't cry" I said looking at her. She smiled and so did i , " so how much will it be" I said taking out my wallet. "What are you doing evellyn" justin said standing next to me, "Gonna pay" I said making it sound like its the obvious thing. "No your not paying" he said taking out his credit card, "Yes I am" I said putting my 100 dollar bill in front of the women. Justin grabbed my 100 dollar bill and put it back in my purse, "Here" he said giving his credit card to the women. She swiped it and gave justin back his credit card and the tickets. "Thanks" Justin said smiling at the women, "I was gonna pay" I said crossing my arms. "A women should never pay when a man is here with her" he said winking at Me then left. "You guys are a cute couple" the lady said smiling, "No he's not my boyfriend" I said shaking my head. "But one day he will" the women said, "uhmm thank you" I said confused. I walked over to them and we got in the theater. We sat all the way in the back so we wouldn't get recognized by fans. I sat down and demi sat next to me, there was a seat empty next to me. I saw jaden and justin look at each other and raced to the chair next to me. Jaden won and stuck his tongue out at Justin and he sat in back of me and jaden.I giggled and the movie started. Half way through the movie I felt jaden touch my shoulder, I looked at him and he whispered in my ear "let's make justin jealous, follow my lead". He came closer to me and whispered again "watch he's gonna get angry" I giggled and so did he. I felt Justin staring at us and it was weird. The movie finished and we got out fast so we wouldn't be attacked. We all went in the parking lot and alfredo spoke, "We Should all go to McDonald's", "ok let's go" justin said. We all left and got to McDonalds and got off the car and went to order. We all got our food and we sat in the corner table. "So can you guys go on tour with us" I said taking a bite of my chicken nugget, "Probably not the first 2 days" miley said. "Don't worry we'll be there and meet you there" Ariana said smiling. We talked and had a good time, We finally finished and left McDonalds. We all went home and I went straight to my room and packed for the tour. 

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