Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


3. Chapter 3



Evellyn's P.O.V


I was sleeping until i got a text message from Justin


SexyJustin(; : Good Morning Cutie (;

Me : goodmorning Sexy!


I decided to tease him a little bit


SexyJustin(; : Can't wait for my party!! It's gonna Be Good

Me : I bet, have to go so i can get ready (;

SexyJustin(; : k Bye Beautiful


 I quickly grabbed my towel and hopped in the shower. I let the hot water run down my body and washed my hair and body and turned it off. I Blow dried my hair and did loose curls an put my makeup on even though i didn't need it and slipped on my red tight dress and gabbed my phone and took a picture and put it on Instagram. I checked my phone it was 8 so I got my purse and hopped on my white lambrogini.






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