Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


28. Chapter 28





Justin's P.O.V


I was home with selena in my house ughh she never leaves. I turned on the T.V and selena sat in my couch,  I was in my kitchen getting a glass of water. I sat next to selena andlooked at the T.V, TMZ was on.


Do Justin and Evellyn have something between them -the women said 

*there was picture of me holding Evellyn's Hands*

So what do you guys think- the women said smiling


Selena looked at me, "Justin why are the fuck are you holding that sluts hand" she said yelling at me. "Don't call her a slut you don't even know her" I said standing up, "I Can call her what ever OK want" she said standing up too. "You know what selena I'm sick of your bull shit", "Well I don't give a fuck" she said yelling In my face. "Then were over" I said yelling back. "I never even loved you " she said walking out of my house. I ran my hand through my hair and sighed. I cant believe she used me all along.



Evellyn's P.O.V


I was in my couch watching Spongebob (lol don't judge me).

There was a loud banging in my door, I turned off the T.V and opened the door and Selena was standing there.

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