Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


26. Chapter 26


Justin's P.O.V


I woke up and checked my phone and there was 3 missed calls and 5 messages from selena, they all said justin where are you and stuff. I ignored them and threw on some basket ball shorts and a white v neck, I grabbed my keys and phone and drove off to the studio. I parked my car and saw Selena in the parking lot, "Hey just why didnt you answer my calls and text messages" she said twirling her hair with her finger. "Uhhm I Don't kno and how did you know I was gonna be here" I said raising an eyebrow, "scooter told me" selena said smiling. I looked in the window of the studio and saw scooter with a frightened face, I chuckled and selena grabbed my hand and we walked in. "Scooter when is Evellyn coming" i said looking at him, "yeah she should be here any second now, oh there she is" scooter said pointing out on the parking lot. I looked and she was getting out of her mustang then edwin came out uggh I hate him. Edwin immediately saw me looking at them and pulled evellyn close and smiled at me. I clenched my hands together , then scooter tapped my shoulder. "I'm here" Evellyn said putting her hands in the air, I chuckled and she smiled at me, her smile lights up my whole world. "Ok let's go" scooter said walking and we followed behind him and went in the room where we were gonna be recording. "Wow" Evellyn said as she walked in, "ok I'm sorry selena and Edwin you guys can't get in its a rule only them because  they are recording" scooter said looking at them. "What I'm not leaving" selena said crossing her arms, "I can't let you stay its thier policy, if you don't get out security will" scooter said looking at selena. "What ever I'll wait outside" selena said rolling her eyes, then edwin followed behind her. Scooter winked at us and closed the door, I felt my cheeks get red and saw Evellyn giggling. 



Evellyn' P.O.V


Scooter winked at us and saw justin blushing and I giggled. We recorded songs and I felt Justin staring at me when I would sing , I looked at him and he smiled. We finished the song then justin spoke, "wanna take a 5 min break" , "yeah" i said grabbing my water bottle and drinking it. "Do you think they are still out there" justin said looking at me, "I don't know its been 4 hours since we've been in here" I said checking the time. "Its 4 o clock" justin said giggling, "why are you laughing" I said. "Because they are probably still out there" he said laughing harder, "Omg they probably still are" I said laughing with him. "Well we should probably finish there still 6 songs to record" I said getting up, "but I don't want to" justin said with a baby voice. I stuck out my hand for him to grabb so he can get up, he finally grabbed my hand and I felt a shiver go through my whole body. I ignored it and we sang the rest of the songs. "Finally" I said putting my hands in the air, "I'm soo hungry" justin said looking down at his stomach, "me too I haven't eaten all day" I said. "Wanna go out and eat pizza" justin said smiling, "Yesss" in said jumping. "Do you think they are still there" justin said raising his eyebrows, "its 10 I doubt it" I said almost wanting to laugh. "Well let's go and see" justin said opening the door for me, we got to the lobby and they weren't there. "I guess they left" justin said looking at me then smiled, "what" I said. " I guess we are on our own" Justin said then grabbed my hand and we walked out the building.



Justin's P.O.V


Thank god selena and edwin left, I'm glad its just me and Evellyn. I grabbed her hand and felt butterflies we got out of the building and let go of her hand. "Ok you get the pizza and I'll get some snacks and I'll meet you in our place" I said Winking at her, she chuckled and got in her car and I got in mine. I drove to the pizza restaurant and got the pizza and left to our place. When i got there she still wasn't there,  I parked my car and got off and waited for her in front of my car with the pizza box in my hand. 1 minute later she came and parked her car next to mine. She got off her car with a bag in her hand and came to where I was. "Already here" she said sitting on top of my car, "yeah well let's say I'm always a winner" I said smiling. "Yeah Yeah" she said rolling her eyes, "stop rolling your eyes their gonna fall off and you won't be able to see my handsome face anymore" I said giggling. She playfully hit my arm and gave my a mcflurry, "here bieber" she said handing me a spoon too. "Thanks Mam"I said and she laughed , then opened the box of pizza, "you may get some pizza mam" I said then she grabbed one and took a bite. "I'm glad your back Evellyn" I said looking at her, she sighed "im just glad that I finally get to see you" she said. We ate all the food, "Omg were such pigs" Evellyn said looking at all the trash. "you mean you are" I said laughing, "hey You ate more than me" evellyn said pointing at me. "What ever floats your boat" I said , "it does float my boat" evellyn said smiling. "What ever look at the view"  I said looking at all the city lights, "its amazing" evellyn said. "We should probably get back" evellyn said getting off my car and so did i. "bye justin I'll see you tomorrow" she said giving me a hug, every time we hug I feel like we are the only ones on earth. "Bye and drive safe" I said , she let go of the hug and got her car and drove off. I sighed and smiled and got in my car and drove to my house. 



Evellyn's P.O.V


I got to my house and Parked in my drive way. I got my keys out of  my bag and unlocked my door, every thing was dark . I put my keys on the counter, "Edwin" I yelled a few seconds later he responded back. "Coming" he said coming down the stairs, he was shirtless and had messy hair. "Where were you" I said, "here" he said nervous. "Ok" I said sighing.



Justin's P.O.V


I got home and sat at my couch, a second later selena walked in the door breathing heavily. "What happened to you" I said studying her, she had messy hair and her makeup was a little smeared. "Out" she said sitting down next to me.

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