Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


24. Chapter 24



Justin's P.O.V


I felt my hands getting sweaty and my heart was pounding really hard. I left backstage were the bathrooms were and locked myself in there. I looked in the mirror and a tear left my eye, I wiped it and punched the wall and my hand got purple and bruised up. I got out of the bathroom and saw Evellyn by herself and nobody was around. "Evellyn" I said softly, she turned around and saw me and her eyes got big and ran to me and so did I. I hugged her tight and didnt want to let go. "Justin" she said her voice cracking. "I missed you so much" I said, "I missed you too" she said. She let go of the hug and immediately saw my hand. "Omg Justin what happened to your hand" she said grabbing my hand gently. "I accidentally hit my hand with a pole" I said lying. "Here I have a bandaid" she said taking out a bandaid out of her purse and putting it around my hand. "There you go" she said looking up to me," Thanks". We both go it lost into each others eyes. We were both leaning in for a kiss but then heard a cough and we both backed away from each other. I looked too see who it was and saw Selena standing there with an angry face. "He's Taken" Selena said grabbing my uninjured arm. "I'm sorry my name is Evellyn" she said sticking out her hand. Selena looked at her hand then rolled her eyes. "Selena don't be rude" I said angry, "its ok" Evellyn said. "No its not" I said facing selena.



Evellyn's  P.O.V


"No its not" justin said looking at selena, then Edwin came. "Is everything alright" edwin said touching my shoulder. "Yeah" i said sighing, "good cause jt wants us in our seats" edwin said. "Wait I want You to meet someone" I said facing justin and so did edwin, "Justin, Selena this is Edwin my boyfriend, Edwin that's justin and selena". Edwin wrapped his hand around my waist and smiled at justin. I looked over at justin and saw hurt in his eyes. "Nice to meet you edwin" justin said smiling weakly at me and edwin. "Well were gonna leave" edwin said, "bye justin" I said. "Bye" justin said soft. We found our seats and sat down and the show started. 



Justin's P.O.V


Me and selena were sitting next to each other and show had already started, I kept looking over evellyn and edwin, they kept smiling and giggling. "Now for Female Artist of the year the nominees are" Austin mahone said then It showed Selena on the screen with the music video of come and get it, then Taylor and finally showed Evellyn she looked so sexy. "And the winner is" Austin said opening the envelope. Selena was getting up, idk why " Evellyn" Austin said loud, Selena gasped and sat back down. Evellyn got up and kissed Edwin then went on stage. Austin gave her the award and kissed her cheek. "Wow I'm so relieved right now, First I would like to thank my manager JT and my crew I would also like to thank my family and friends for supporting me and last my Fans I love you guys soon much a thank you and have a good night" Evellyn said then walked back stage with Austin. I looked at selena and she had a mad face. "Why the fuck did that bitch one" Selena said , I rolled my eyes and ignored her. Evellyn came back to her seat and won about 3 awards. The show was over and Evellyn left with Edwin carrying the awards and papparazi were taking pictures of them.

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