Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


2. Chapter 2



Justin's P.O.V


It has been 4 days since I last seen Evellyn .I kept thinking about her all i think about is her day and night. Today was the Red Carpet and I had to go because Scooter wanted me to  meet with a new celeberity that was getting really big. I listened to her songs they were really good .Oh and yeah she was a girl but i've never seen her.''Let's go Justin'',  ''Uggh Fine, lets go''.  ''Hey change that attitude'' I smiled ''Better''. ''Yeah and dont worry the new girl is very pretty'' he said putting his hand on my shoulder.  ''yeah sure'' everytime someone says pretty or girl i think of Evellyn.


*At the Red Carpet*


When we got there papparazi started taking pictures.

Papparazi: Justin , Justin

 they screamed at me and i just smiled . I walked further down the red carpet. And Papparazi where still taking pictures of me and asking me questions, but i didn't answer. i looked to my left and saw a red farrari speeding then it parked and a girl with a long white skirt with a denim black jacket with spikes on it and glasses on got out then she took off her glasses then Papparazi started attacking her with pictures and screamed her name.

Papparazi: Evellyn, Evellyn , Evellyn Over here

Papparazi: How are you liking HollyWood

Evellyn??? was it her, she got closer to me but i still couldn't see her face maybe its just me imagining her. She finally turned around and it was her. ''Evellyn'' i said a little excitment in my voice. She turned around and her eyes got big. ''Justin'' she said shocked. Papparaazi were still taking pictures of us, but i didn't care, then they started asking us questions

Papparazi: You Guys Know eachother??

 ''Yeah'' she smiling and i smiled back. I couldn't believe it was her.


Papparazi: Can we get a picture of you guys together


'' Sure'' I stood next to her and put my arm around her waist, and i instantly felt butterflies in my stomach. I didn't look at the camera i looked at her and smiled. They took the picture then we both walked off together backstsage. ''Evellyn Your the New Girl'',  ''Yeah, i didn't know..''. Then scooter interrupted us. ''So You Guy know each other,  ''Yeah apparently'' she said. ''We met a few days ago but i didn't know Evellyn Was New''.  ''I told you To come, She was worth seeing'' scooter said winking at us, I saw Evellyn Blushing and laughing. ''Oh and Evellyn your on in 20 so you should go get ready''.  ''Ok Then Thanks Scooter and bye Justin'' she said then left and i couldn't stop smiling. ''You like her don't you'' scooter said smiling. ''How you know''.

'' I can tell by the way you look at her and you should find your seat so you can see her perform'' he said then winked, I just rolled my eyes and found my seat.



Evellyn's P.O.V


I Couldn't believe i saw justin again. i started drinking my water bottle. when Justin timberlake (my manager) walked in. ''You Ready'' he asked, ''Yeah''. ''Nervous'',  '' A little'' i said biting my nails. ''You'll do great dont worry'',  ''Ok''. ''Let's go your on in 5''. We walked out of my dressing room and i went to my position. Then the host started speaking. ''Ok Now Put your hands together For Ms.Evellyn EVERYBODY''. The doors opened then i started singing Work Bitch by Britney Spears.




Justin's P.O.V


She came out and then she started singing and dancing, Damn she knew how to dance good. I just kept admiring her performance until she was done she left . The Show was over then I got up and looked for Evellyn. I saw her then i went over to her. ''Evellyn that was a great performance'' I said smiling. ''Thanks i did my best'',  ''Your welcome'' I winked at her and she just laughed. Omg her laugh was sooo secute. ''Evellyn i want to tell you something''.  ''Go ahead tell me'' she said. ''I'm throwing a party at my house tomorrow and i wanted to ask you if you wanna go'' I asked stuttering. ''Yeah sure I'll be there''. ''Really'' i asked surprised,  ''yeah''.  ''Can i have your number so I can message you the details''. ''Sure'', she gave me her phone and i made my contact i saved it as SexyJustin(;

She gave me my phone back and she put her name as Evellyn;*


Evellyn's P.O.V


He gave me my phone back and i gave him his back. I laughed at the contact name that he put and he seemed to notice so then he smirked. ''I have to go before papparazi start asking me questions and taking pictures of me'', is said.  ''Oh ok then'',  ''Bye''.  ''Bye Evellyn'' he said then i winked at him and went to my car.



Justin's P.O.V


she said bye and winked at me and put her glasses on and started walking to her car with papparazi following her and taking pictures. She got in her ferrari and drove off speeding. Then i walked over to my car but and interviewer stopped me.

Interviewer: Justin, Justin Can we ask you a question

Justin: Sure

Interviewer: what do you think about Evellyn?

Justin: I think she's amazing

Interviewer: what did you think about her performance?

Evellyn: I thought i was really good, shes really talented

I licked my lips an smiled about the feeling about her in my head.

Interviewer: Justin Justin Justin

i got in my car and drove off to my house.




I got home and kicked off my shoes and jumped on my couch. I decided to text Evellyn


Me : Hey Cutie

A few minutes i got a text back

Evellyn;* : Hey Bieber

Me: How are you doing?

Evellyn;* : good now that you texted

Me: hahaha ;)

Evellyn: Well yeah

Me: Oh i wanted to txt you my address to my house for the party tomorrow

Evellyn;* : Oh ok

Me: 4666 avenue st.

Evellyn: thanks and i have to go Bye and Goodnight

Me: Bye and Goodnight Beautiful

I went to my twitter to check If Evellyn had a twitter so i can follow her. I found her and followed her. I took a picture of myself  and put it on Instagram and put the caption as SMILING . i was about to logg off when i decided to search her name On Instagram i found her and she was following 0 people like me so i just looked through her photos. After a few minutes i logged off and went to sleep.


I think I'm falling for her <3






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