Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


16. Chapter 16



Evellyn's P.O.V


The plane left and I was sitting in my seat looking out the window. My eyes started getting heavy  then I fell asleep thinking about Justin. I felt a small tug on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw JT. "Evellyn we just landed" I groaned and got up and grabbed my suite case. I was about to walk out when JT grabbed my arm. "Evellyn you forgot your disguise" he said handing me a wig and glasses. "Oh thanks" I said grabbing the stuff from him and putting it on. The reason I have to wear a disguise is to hide away from paparazzi and my fans. JT wants nobody to see me until a year. I walked off the plane and we got a taxi. About 5 min the taxi came and took us to the place we were staying. When we got to the hotel we were staying the taxi guy helped us get out our stuff out. I looked over at JT and he was wearing a disguise too. We got in the hotel and it was huge and fancy.  I can't believe I'm staying in this hotel for a year. We got to the counter and the women gave us our keys, (by the way we get our own room). The hotel assistant helped us with our bags and took us to our room. Which was all the way at the top. "Thanks" I said to the guy and he nodded and smiled and walked away. JT gave me my room key "open the door" he said smiling. I did as he said and opened the door and I gasped. "Omg this room is huge" I said walking in. "You like it" he said giggling, "are you kidding me I love it" I said exploring the room. It had a mini kitchen and a flat screen in the living room and of course a bedroom and a bathroom. I opened the bedroom and saw a king size bed and another flat screen. I went out the  bedroom and into the living room, I saw a balcony and the view in front of the Eiffel Tower. "This is amazing" I said facing JT, "we'll I'm glad you like it" he said smiling. "What's that extra room" I said walking over to it. "It's your music room where you write songs" he said pointing at it. I opened the door and saw a beautiful piano and a guitar. I walked in there and played the piano. "We'll I have to go your suite cases are in the living room oh and if you need anything I'm next door" he said leaving me. I went out of the room and grabbed my suite case and unpacked everything. I took of the wig and glasses. 



Justin's P.O.V


When I got home I went in my room and laid on my bed (my mom had already left). I thought of everything that happened and ran my hands through my hair, cursing at myself for being a stupid jerk to Evellyn. If only I never did anything to her I would have her in my arms and be kissing her and call her mine. I got off my bed and kicked the wall and made a crack. Way to go justin. I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror as a tear left my eye. I never cried for a girl that I really loved not even Selena. I decided to take a shower and let the hot water run through my body. After taking a shower I changed into some sweats and sat in my bed and opened my laptop. I went through my twitter and checked my newsfeed. I tweeted - I'm sorry- and got a lot of retweets immediately. I logged off and checked my Instagram I wen to Evellyn's profile and browser through her photos, I came across a photo of her and me smiling really hard and it was sort of blurry the caption said - My other.... - . I kept scrolling through her Instagram and saw the latest photo she posted was 3 days ago and It was a picture of her smiling and a heart on the caption. I smiled weakly of the photo "I'm sorry" I said wanting to cry again. I turned off my lap top and went down stairs. I went in the kitchen and saw the rose on the counter I picked it up and went to my piano I had. I put the rose on top of the piano and sat down. I started playing  a song. "Girl you don't know how I feel " I said singing to the song I made up. I started making a song and felt my eyes getting heavy. I slowly started closing my eyes and next thing I knew I fell asleep on the piano.  I woke up the next day still on the piano. I looked around me and saw balls of paper on the floor. I remembered that I wrote a song last night, I got up from the piano and went in the kitchen and grabbed something to eat. After I finished eating I got up and cleaned my house and  went back to the piano. I was about to play when I heard a knock on my door. I got up and opened there and saw Scooter standing there. "How are you justin" scooter said worried, "not good" I said looking down "your mom told me everything" he said. I sighed "I wrote a new song it's kind of personal" I said still looking down. "Can I hear it" he said looking at me. "Yeah it's still not finished". We walked to the piano and I sat and played. "Girl you don't know how I feel *how I really feel* since you've been away *away girl*. I finished the song almost wanting to cry. "Justin that was really good we should make it an official song". He talked about he wanted to make me do an album and post a song every week on Sunday at midnight. Scooter left and I decided to go to Demi's house. I got to her house and knocked on her door. She opened it and saw me and immediately was about to close it when I put my foot , to keep it from closing. "Justin what do you want" she said rolling her eyes. "Can I come in, I want to talk" i said. "Sure but make it quick" she said a little annoyed. I sat in her living room on her couch and so did she. "What do you want to talk about" she said crossing her arms. I sighed, "about Evellyn do you know where she is", "No" she said looking down. "Demi please if you know where she is please Tell me " I said begging. "I'm sorry Justin",  "if you... Ever.. See her ..tell her.. I'm sorry and I love her" I said stuttering, a tear left my eye and I wiped it with my hand. "You must really love her" demi said looking into my eyes. I nodded "I'll tell her if I ever see her" she said with a weak smile.



Evellyn's P.O.V


I sat there in my balcony with my guitar in my hand and played it, I have written about 2 songs already that expressed how I feel. "Evellyn" I heard JT say softly, "Yes" I said facing him "wanna go out for dinner'', "uhmm no I'll just order room service'' I said placing the guitar down. "Well I'm gonna go eat with sammy, if you need anything just call me" he said leaving. "Ok thanks' I said yelling. (By the way if you don't know who Sammy is in th story she's Justin Timberlake's wife. Pretend). I orderd room service and sat in the couch and turned on the t.v , TMZ was on grrrr. 


Recently we spotted what appeared to be Evellyn and her secret lover justin - the women said

*it should the security cameras of the airport* 

Does this mean something - the women said 


I turned off the T.V and went to sleep with justin stuck in my mind.



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