Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


13. chapter 13


Evellyn's P.O.V


I woke up at 5 in the morning, got dressed and went to my meeting. When I got to the building that my meeting was gonna be in, I asked the women at the front office what room was it gonna be and she politely escorted me to the room and I said thank you and she smiled and walked away. I opened the door and immediately saw JT my manager. "You Came" he said sarcastically and then hugged me. "Yupp" I said giggling. "Have a seat" he said pointing at the chair next to me. There was a huge long table and it was just us. "What did you want to talk about" I said looking him in the eyes. "Evellyn I have bad news" he said taking a breath. "What is it" I said wanting to know so bad. "You... Have to leave the U.S for a year" he said looking away from me. "For what" i said almost screaming. "Its something that I suggest you do so you can produce more music because since your a big pop star, people expect good music from you" he said calming me down. "I'm not sure if I" then he cutt me off. "Its for a good cause and remember Evellyn when you told me that you wanted to donate money to charity and help out people" he said. "Yes" I said thinking. "But there is one problem" he said gulping. "And that is" "You can't see anyone, visit or contact people not even your fans" he said searching for my eyes. "Uhhmm" I said looking down. "So do you agree" her said raising an eye brow. "Yes" I said sighing. "OK we leave tonight at midnight" he said gathering papers. "OK but I have one question where are we going" I said. "Paris" he said  smiling wide. "Omg really I've always wanted to visit there" I said happy and sad at the same time. "OK so be ready i'll pick you up at your house at midnight" he said smiling. "OK and bye " I said walking out the door. When I got out of the building and paparazzi were surrounding me. I finally got into my car and drove off. I got a call from an unknown number and I answered it. "Hello" I said keeping my eyes on the road. "Hello Evellyn its me Pattie"  "Oh Hi Pattie" I said. "Are you still on for today" "Yeah" I said remembering that we were gonna hang out today. "Evellyn meet me at Starbucks" "Yeah I'll be a there" I said finding Starbucks. "OK bye" "bye" then I hanged up. I finally got to starbucks and saw Pattie entering the starbucks . "Hi Sweetie" she said hugging me. "Hi" I said smiling. "Do you want something to drink" "yeah" we both walked in the line and ordered "Ok so your total is 8.75" The cash register said. Patiie was taking out her money when I handed the man my credit card. "I was about to pay" Pattie said. "Nope I pay" I said smiling at her. We got our drinks and left. "Where do you wanna go" Pattie said taking a sip of her drink. "Let's take a walk on the park" I said "Great Idea let's go". We took a walk in the park and spotted a photo booth. "We should go in" I said really excited. "Sure" she said smiling. We got In and took some pictures, I made silly faces and so did she. We walked out and got our pictures."We should go get our nails done" Pattie said grabbing my hand and taking me inside the store. "What can I do for you guys" the women asked smiling at us. "Uhmm I would like some long fake pink nails and for her a Gold and Purple nails" Pattie said looking over at me and smiled and so did i . We got our nails done and walked out of the store and went shopping. We got alot of stuff then went to Mcdonalds. We ordered food and sat at an empty table. Once we finished we walked to the park we were walking in earlier. "Evellyn" Pattie said slowing down a little bit. "Yes" I said looking at her, "Can I ask you something" she said a little bit scared. "Yes of course" "Do you like Justin more than I friend" she said raising and eye brow. I stood there shocked and not able to speak. "Its OK you don't have to like him never mind" she said turning her head away from me. "No Pattie I love Justin more than a friend and believe me when I say it its just I'm afraid he doesn't love me the way I love him" I said looking down. "Are you kidding me Justin loves you , he just hasn't told you because he's afraid you don't love him back" Pattie's face turned Into a smile and so did mine "Really" I said really surprised."Yes" Pattie said excited, "But I can't be with him" I said looking down. "Why" Pattie said worried, "Because I'm leaving for a year and I won't be able to see him" I told her everything and she understood. "I get you just do one thing go home and go to Justin and tell him your feelings before you go" Pattie said rubbing my hand. "Thanks Pattie and I will" I said bye to her and walked to my car and drove home with the biggest smile on my face























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