Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


12. chapter 12


*2 weeks later*


Evelyn's P.O.V


It has been 2 weeks and me and Justin have gotten

Closer and he's my best friend. I was laying on my bed thinking. Then my phone started ringing I picked it up not even bothering looking at the caller ID. "Hello" I said taking a breath, "Hey Ev its me Justin" he said happy. "Hey Bieber" I said giggling , "uuhmm my mom Is making dinner at my house and she wanted me to invite you over for dinner so she can finally meet you" he said nervously."Yeah sure"  "Really your gonna come" he said a little surprised. "Yeah i'll be over in 30" , "OK I'll see you soon then bye" I can tell he was smiling through the phone. "Bye" then I hanged up. I quickly changed into a summer dress and some flats and checked in the mirror. I grabbed the bracelet that Justin gave me and put it on. 


*Flash back*


We were sitting in the place where I had my dream in and the place justin showed me when we were horse back riding. "I have something for you Evellyn" he said reaching into his pocket and taking out a box. He opened the box and in there were 2 silver bracelets, They had writting on them one of them had a J on it and the other on had an E and they had the date we both met and Forever written on there. "omg its beautiful" I said putting my hand over my mouth. "You like" he said putting the bracelet on my hand and I felt goose bumps all over my body. "Yes", "I'm glad you like it its a friend ship bracelet" he said putting his head down when he said friend ship. "well I love it" I said hiving him a hug.


*End of Flash Back"


I grabbed my phone and car keys and drove to Justin's house. Which was really close to mine. I got to his house and knocked on his door , a few seconds later he opened The door. "Hey Ev" he said with a huge smile on his face, " Hey Bieber" I said walking in his house. "My mom is in the kitchen i'll go get her" he said walking over to the kitchen. "Ewellyn" I heard a little kid say, I turned around and saw jaxon. "Omg jaxon" I said picking him up. "I missed you" jaxon said wrapping his little arms around my neck. "I missed you more jaxon" I said kissing him a cheek and putting him down. I saw a little girl standing there so I just bent down "Hi Sweetie what's your name" I said , "Jazmyn" she said "Well Hi jazmyn, my name is Evellyn" , "Hi Evellyn, Your really pretty" she said smiling. "Aww thanks Sweetie but not as you" I said. We were playing in the living room and laughing ,Then Justin and Pattie came "Evellyn this is my mom Pattie" Justin said. "Hi Pattie" I said shaking her hand. "Hi Nice to finally meet you" Pattie said putting a huge smile on her face. "Nice to finally meet you too" "Wow Justin was the right you are very beautiful" she said giggiling. I giggiled too and looked over at Justin and saw him blushing. "OK let's go eat" Justin said rubbing his hands together.We all went to the kitchen and sat down and started eating and talking. Jaxon and jazmyn were playing with their food. We were sitting at the dinner table talking and having a good time. I checked my phone and It was 9:30. " I'm sorry I have to go its getting late I have a meeting early in the morning" I said standing up and Pattie stood up to. "Thanks for inviting me over" I said giving Pattie a hug. "Your welcome honey" she said with the warmest smile. Jaxon and Jazmyn came running up to me "can you tuck us in bewd before yew go" jaxon said "Pwease" jazmyn said making a puppy dog face. "Sure" I said grabbing jazmyn and Jaxon's hand. "I'll go with you" Justin said following me up the stairs. We got to their room and tucked jazmyn and jaxon and kissed thier cheeks "Goodnight" me and justin said I turned off the lights and walked downstairs with Justin. "They are sleeping" I said smiling , "Thanks evellyn" pattie said , "Your welcome" I said giving her one last hug then gave Justin a  hug "Wait evellyn I want to have a girls day tomorrow just me and you is that OK " Pattie said. "Yeah I would love to" "And without Justin" Pattie said giggiling "Hey" Justin said . "You had your turn" Pattie said laughing, "Whatever" Justin said laughing and I laughed too "Well bye" I said walking out. "Bye" they said at the same time. I drove home and when I got there I went straight to my room and layed on my bed Staring a the bracelet Justin gave me.


Justin's P.O.V


Evellyn said  bye and drove off , I watched as she left off speeding. "Justin honey" my mom said softly, "yes" I said turning around and looking at her. "You love her don't you" my mom said smiling. "Yes, but" I said looking down, "But what" my mom said lifting up my head. "I don't think she feels the same" I said sad. "Justin when I first saw her I saw hurt in her eyes which means she's been hurt and is afraid to fall in love" my mom said putting her hand on my shoulder. "She's afraid to fall In love" I said really surprised . "She is and you got to make her feel loved" she said giving me a warm smile. "Your right thanks mom and good night" I said hugging her. "Your welcome Justin and good night". I went upstairs to my room and layed on my bed. I layed down staring at the bracelet and thought of the perfect idea for tomorrow.



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